GPRC Wolves Featured Athletes of the Week: March 4, 2019

GPRC Wolves Featured Athletes of the Week: March 4, 2019

Each week, two GPRC Wolves athletes are selected for their achievements over the weekend on the field, track, or court. We are pleased to congratulate Danja Fredrickson from the Wolves Women’s Soccer team and Chloe Keay from the Wolves Women’s Volleyball team as our current Featured Athletes of the Week!

Danja Fredrickson #9

Program: 1st Year, Bachelor of Kinesiology
Position: Midfielder
Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia

Danja took a big leap of faith when she made the big decision leaving her Vancouver roots to join the Wolves Soccer family here in Grande Prairie and we’re so glad she did! Danja had an excellent first season and played a vital role as our holding midfield player. Danja’s game intelligence, combative nature and her field vision were instrumental in every game during the season. A quiet athlete off the pitch, Danja comes to life and is fiercely competitive when the whistle blows and play starts. Danja will play a large role in the pack next season as women’s soccer strive for medals! Thank you Danja for your dedication to the Wolves!


Chloe Keay #8

Program: 2nd Year, Bachelor of Science Nursing
Position: Libero
Hometown: Grande Prairie, Alberta

Chloe is a second year defensive specialist. She is a student in the Bachelor of Nursing program at GPRC and is a very focused student-athlete. Chloe was a recipient of the CCAA – ACSC National Scholar Award for the 2017-2018 season. She demonstrates dedication to the weight room, mental training sessions and takes the opportunity for extra training whenever it presents itself. She is a supportive teammate and works diligently to contribute to the team environment both on and off the court. As someone who emulates the Wolves way, Chloe works hard to better herself and her teammates each and every day! Thank you Chloe for your dedication to the Wolves!


Here’s to the Kids!

Here’s to the Kids!

Finding balance as a student and parent is a tough gig. For those who must balance work on top, it can be overwhelming to say the least. We often talk about the struggle of working-student-parents, but there’s a group that is often overlooked in this journey; the kids. Our kids are on the same journey we are, and while we all hope to build them a better future, in the meantime, they feel the effects of our hard work and dream chasing. So, here’s to the kids…

Photo submitted by Casey Caines.

To the babies who grow up being rocked to sleep with lullabies of Plato and Organic Chemistry.

To the kids who learned to fall asleep on the floors of the library during exam week.

To the children who never complained about cereal for dinner too many nights in a row.

To the little ones who are the first at daycare in the morning so their parents can go to school, and the last ones to leave at night so their parents can go to work.

To the toddlers who learned to walk down the corridors of an empty school.

To the kids who had to share their family time with textbooks and laptops.

And to all the children who missed a good morning and, also a goodnight, because when you are a working student, sometimes 24-hours just isn’t enough.

I know it can’t be easy being the child of a working, student, parent. One day, there will be more time, and less studying. There will be less cereal, and more suppers at the kitchen table. You will walk this path together, even when its difficult, because you need to finish, and they need to see you do it. So, here’s to the kids who will grow strong, resilient, and educated because their first example was their parents.

Submitted by GPRC Education Ambassador, Casey Caines. 

GPRC Office Administration Program Changes Lives!

GPRC Office Administration Program Changes Lives!

Are you looking for a steady career? Wanting to change your life in only one year? GPRC Office Administration offers its students specialized programs designed to provide you with the critical skills required to succeed in a career you’ll love.

Our graduates of the Office Administration program attain professional knowledge and skills that are highly sought after by a wide range of employers. Obtaining superior skills in communications, interpersonal relations, and office administration; our graduates open the doors to excellent opportunities to enter and advance in careers with the hours, benefits and flexibility they want.

Don’t believe us, take 2017/18 Office Administration graduate, Christa LeClerc for example.

Christa (left) at her Office Administration graduations with instructor, Janelle MacRae (right).

“I completed the Office Administration program at GPRC in 2018 while working and taking care of my family. It was a balancing act but between support from my husband, fellow students (who became life long friends) and amazing instructors it was a very successful year!” says Christa.

We caught up with her to get her feedback on the program and it’s perks, such as the practicum placement for practical learning.

“I completed my practicum at Healthy Village Wellness Center and was offered a position to stay on as their administrative assistant. I am now moving into the role of Office Manager and could not be happier. I love working with our patients and practitioners.

“I learn so many new and interesting things everyday. I assist Dr. Dalen with the running of the clinic. I do everything from basic office work, book keeping, pharmacy and test ordering, shipping lab work, patient vitals, workshop set-up, social media and so much more! It is so exciting to learn the naturopathic health care side of things that I did not learn in school as well as expand on the things I did. Everyday is different and I look forward to what it may bring.”

So, what are you waiting for?

Apply today and start on your way to a career in one year.

Learn more about the Office Administration program here. 

Mark Your Calendars!

Mark Your Calendars!

Hey new GPRC students,

This July, we will be hosting a very special new event at the college. Everyone is the “new person” at some point in their life, and it can be a pretty challenging and scary experience sometimes. It’s normal to have big questions running through your mind like “will they like me”, “who do I ask for help”, “will I have what it takes”? If you are anything like, me, you also may have small (but very important) questions like “where are the bathrooms?” running through your head.

On July 15we are inviting all new GPRC students to visit our Grande Prairie campus and get a feel for some of the answers to those questions. Come for a campus tour, eat lunch with other new students, learn more about financial aid, and get some help picking your classes! Our goal and hope that by attending this event and spending some time here you will feel more at home, learn where the bathrooms are, and make some new friends before September. Let’s make your time here at GPRC the best possible together.

As a Recruitment Specialist for GPRC, who spends much of my year traveling to high schools to talk to students, I am really excited to have the opportunity to show you around my school and to welcome you as a member of the GPRC community. I hope you will appreciate our beautiful, tight-knit, friendly campus as much as I do! If you are unable to attend the event, please know that there is a team of people ready to assist you during the week,both  in-person on our campus and over the phone. Give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to give you a hand!

Did I mention that attending the event gets your entered into a $500 Tuition voucher draw? So come, join us and have some fun.

See you in July!

– Jackie, GPRC Recruitment Specialist

PS: Some more important information – to register, please email with your first and last name, Student ID number/date of birth and indicate any special dietary needs for the event’s lunch! The deadline for registration is July 7.

Grade 7 Day | Experience GPRC

Grade 7 Day | Experience GPRC

GPRC welcomed grade 7 and some grade 8 students from all around the Peace Region yesterday for Grade 7 Experience Day!


Students join us on our Grande Prairie campus from St. Mary Catholic School, Helen E. Taylor, Ste. Marie Catholic School, Riverstone, Ridgevalley, Sexsmith Secondary, Penson, Isabell Campball, Laglace, Derek Taylor and even some students came from Hinton to join in the on the fun.

All visiting students and chaperones got to experience a variety of different programs that GPRC offers, including

Physics and Chemistry:


Be Fit For Life:




And much more such as Visual Arts, Math, Robotics, History, Psychology, Music, Biology, Indigenous Studies, Office Administration, Strength and Conditioning, and Business Administration.

GPRC looks forward to this annual event every year that  introduces students to programs offered and available careers, while encouraging them to follow their passion. Our goal is to foster a love of learning at an early age, and help young people get excited about their futures.

Thank you so everyone who joined us this year!