GPRC Thanks ELCC Educators for their Commitment and Dedication

GPRC Thanks ELCC Educators for their Commitment and Dedication

The College’s Early Childhood Education Awards has become an event looked forward to by the community for the past three years.

Last night, the 3rd Annual awards took place at GPRC where guests celebrated and recognized the outstanding contributions, positive impacts, commitment and dedication that educators working in childcare programs and facilities have on the community.







“Recognizing the dedicated work of early childhood educators and programs is something our department looks forward to every year,” said Theresa Suderman, GPRC Chair, Early Learning and Child Care. “I personally think these awards could be renamed ‘Celebrating our Superheros’. Raising awareness for the remarkable work being done in child care every day is wonderful to be a part of.”

Theresa Suderman, GPRC Chair, Early Learning and Child Care welcomes guests to the 3rd Annual Early Childhood Education Awards hosted last night at GPRC.

This year 45 early childhood educators were nominated by members of the community for the five awards presented last night with the top three for each category announced at the ceremony.

“I’m thrilled at the overwhelming response we have had from the northwest region.  Many see the work our educators do as just ‘babysitting’ but those who work in this field are trained professionals who care for our most valuable resource at their most vulnerable stage, our children. They definitely deserve this recognition,” added Suderman.

Of the three nominees for the Family Day Home Provider of the Year, the winner was Katarzyna Hoffman from Stepping Stones Day Home Program.

Katarzyna Hoffman from Stepping Stones Day Home Program wins Family Day Home Provider of the Year.

According to the nomination, Katarzyna is “incredibly kind, compassionate and caring.  Her and the children are always doing something fun and creative.  She prepares them yummy, nutritious snacks and meals. Overall she’s just a very sweet woman whose love for teaching and caring for children is so evident.  I feel very grateful having her a sour childcare provider, it makes leaving my children to go to work so much easier and stress free knowing they love being there with her.  I drop them off and have no hesitation or worries leaving them, I know she cares for them with so much love.  I can’t think of a more deserving lady for this award.”

Congratulations Katarzyna.

Of the three nominees for the Preschool Educator of the Year, the winner was Melissa Gast from the Grande Prairie Catholic School Division.

Melissa Gast from the Grande Prairie Catholic School Division wins Preschool Educator of the Year.

Melissa’s nomination stated, “She is a dedicated, innovative, kind, thoughtful, purposeful, driven and helpful educator.  She is the best of the best.  Her program shows versatility, planning, routine, structure, multi-sensory approach and most of all FUN!

She is always prepared for each day with a smile on her face.  She knows how important her presence is to the children and has hardly missed a moment with them.  She also is so well spoken and can make a parent feel at ease when leaving their child in someone else’s hands for the first time. 

She puts her heart and soul into her work.  She is dependable, kind and amazing at what she does.  She is truly a shining example of what every preschool program should be.”

Congratulations Melissa!

Of the three nominees for the Early Childhood Director of the Year, the winner was Venessa Soto from Valleyview Knowledge Tree.

Venessa Soto from Valleyview Knowledge Tree wins Early Childhood Director of the Year.

The nomination for Venessa, stated that “She has worked very hard to create a program which reflects a child-centered philosophy.  She is passionate about her work and is a firm believer in the importance of quality early childhood development and how that can make a difference in a child’s life. She has worked tirelessly and has put her entire heart into making the program amazing.”

Congratulations Venessa.

Of the three nominees for the Early Childhood Educator of the Year, the winner was Janelle Cunningham from Stepping Stones Daycare.

Janelle Cunningham from Stepping Stones Daycare wins Early Childhood Educator of the Year.

Janelle was portrayed by the nomination as someone who takes a “holistic approach with the children; her interactions are genuine and heartfelt. She models regulation for the children and is always by their side helping them through their emotions…letting the children know, it’s okay not to be okay.

She closely observes the children to ensure she is providing well planned experiences that reflect their interests and needs often incorporating nature and environmentally responsible practices.  When she plans experiences she gets very passionate and excited putting her ideas into motion. Providing a quality program is important for her, she always maintains professionalism.”

Congratulations Janelle.

Of the nominees for the Early Childhood Service of the Year, the winner was Lil Sprouts Preschool.

Lil Sprouts Preschool wins Early Childhood Service of the Year.

The nominations for Lil Sprouts Preschool stated that “This program is amazing!  My child learns so many wonderful things here.  It warms my heart to know he is safe, happy and most of all comfortable.

It is a happy place for children to learn and grow.

This program has taught my child to share, listen and demonstrate kindness to others. 

I am so comfortable leaving my child here knowing that they are in a fun, stimulating, learning environment.”

Congratulations Lil Sprouts Preschool.

Winners last night received a plaque and rose as a token of appreciation for their excellence.

All 2018 Early Childhood Education Awards winners.

Thank you to all our nominees for their commitment and dedication to the early childhood education profession.

More information about GPRC Early Learning and Child Care programs can be found here.

Check out more photos from last night’s event here.

GPRC Wolves Athletes of the Week: November 13, 2017

GPRC Wolves Athletes of the Week: November 13, 2017

Each week, two GPRC Wolves athletes are selected to showcase their achievements in the classroom and on the field, track, or court. We are pleased to congratulate Vanessa Belzile and Megan Koch as our current Athletes of the Week! We caught up with the women to find out a little more about them, off the court.

#14 Vanessa Belzile

Vanessa, who is in her rookie year with the Wolves is in the Early Learning and Child Care program at GPRC. In addition to competing in the 2016 Amateur Athletic Union Volleyball Championships in Florida, she is also a track and field athlete who garnered a 4th place finish in the 2017 Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association’s Track & Field Championships discus event.

Here’s what else she had to say:

Why did you choose GPRC?

It’s close to my family.


Few people know that?

I’m left handed.

What is your most memorable moment in sport?

Close-lining Renae!

What is your dream job?

To be a hairdresser.

What is your favourite part about playing volleyball?

Getting to play in different places and meeting new people.

What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t?

Bungee jump.

#1 Megan Koch

Megan, who is in her 3rd year with the Wolves is in the Bachelor of Education program at GPRC. A major point scorer, with 122 kills and 209 total attacks this season, Megan is one of the leading outside hitters in the Conference.

Here’s what else she had to say:

Why did you choose GPRC?

I love the hometown atmosphere and small class sizes.

What are some of your hobbies?

Knitting and Netflix.

What is your most memorable moment in sport?

Making it to Victoria for Nationals (2017 CCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championship) after winning silver in the Provincial final (2017 ACAC Women’s Volleyball National Championship).

What is your dream job?

To be a dolphin trainer.

What is your favourite part about playing volleyball?

Making memories with my team.

What is your favourite book?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Congratulations to both Vanessa and Megan for being chosen as this week’s GPRC Athletes of the Week! 

2017 Presidents Ball – Meet your Star Students!

2017 Presidents Ball – Meet your Star Students!

The 2017 President’s Ball is right around the corner, and we’re so excited for you to meet 7 of our very special honorary guests.

2014 President’s Ball!

For the last three years, one of the most loved aspects of the President’s Ball is showcasing our amazing GPRC students.

Every year, before the ball, a call out is placed for instructors to nominate students who shine!

Star Students are students that stand out and shine for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the nominated student is an academic star; an outstanding volunteer involved in the college community; or a person who has shown significant improvement or made outstanding effort during his or her time at the College.

Star Students at the 2016 Presidents Ball on October 22, 2016!

This year, we have 7 extraordinary students we want to congratulate and introduce you to!

We are excited to host and showcase them as some of the many shining stars at our college at the 2017 President’s Ball!

Mallory De Rooy
2nd year Animal Health Technician

“Being chosen proves to me that with hard work and dedication, amazing opportunities will present themselves.”

Mallory is a new mom, highly dedicated, a former Wolves athlete, and a student with a strong work ethic that goes beyond course expectations to review skills. She is a student with a high academic standing and excellent test marks in the first part of the first semester.  A student that is willing to volunteer her skills to help others in her class.
-Nominated by Christy Barlund, Chair, Animal Sciences Department.

Congratulations Mallory!

Nesterse Wilson Hawthorne
2nd year Early Learning and Child Care

“Being selected has taught me that nothing is impossible to achieve with hard work and dedication.”

Nesterse is a highly motivated, hard working student who manages to balance being a new mom with a rigorous course load.  What stands out to her instructors and her peers is her kindness and compassion.  She is always smiling and has an amazingly positive outlook on life.  Nesterse is the student who helps others out when they need assistance and goes the extra mile to be accommodating to her classmates.
-Nominated by Theresa Suderman, Chair, Human Services.

Congratulations Nesterse!

Alexis Nellis
2nd Year Business Administration

“I am very passionate about my education and my college. It’s very humbling and rewarding to be nominated as a star student.”

Alexis is a very active ambassador for the college and for our program. Within the program, she was part of the Business Case Competition Team last year as a first year student. She has also been a part of the marketing campaign for our new degree collaboration with SAIT. Outside of the department, Alexis also volunteers as a GPRC Ambassador.
Nominated by Gwen Hoyseth, Business & Office Administration Instructor.

Congratulations Alexis!

John Goyetche
4th Year Heavy Equipment Technician

“I’m honoured that someone thought enough of me and the way I approach my day-to-day life to nominate me for this.”

John has an eagerness to learn. He gave 110% effort every day both in the class and in the shop. He showed great initiative helping his classmates. His great personality and sense of humour was contagious making for an extremely fun learning experience for the entire class. John prepared an entire meal for the class, which is a direct reflection of his caring character.
Nominated by Jason Ebertz, Heavy Equipment Instructor.

Congratulations John!

Breanna Girvan
2nd Year Music University Transfer

“I have always had a passion for music and GPRC has helped me grow closer to the musician I want to become.”

As a student, Breanna always strives to do her best in both class and performances, and takes every opportunity to improve her skills and knowledge. She is teachable and always wants to learn more. As a colleague to other GPRC students, Breanna is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Nominated by Instructor, Tina Alexander-Luna and Chair, Carmen Gorgichuk, Music, Fine Arts.

Congratulations Breanna!

Shelly Moffat
2nd Year Academic Upgrading

“This opportunity makes me feel good about my accomplishments in my journey to further my education.” – Shelly


Shelly is a dedicated student who shows tremendous effort and a strong work ethic. She always has a wonderful attitude and when she encounters challenges, she embraces them with maturity and positivity serving as an amazing role model. Shelly often encourages others to use the On-Campus Friendship Centre, helps her classmates navigate the campus, and is a wonderful resource to new students.

-Nominated by Lesley Brazier, English Instructor, Academic Upgrading.

Congratulations Shelly!

Jessica Boos
4th Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing

“Being chosen as a star student for the 2017 President’s Ball is beyond what I thought I would achieve throughout my nursing degree.” – Jessica

Jessica is a star for many reasons. She approaches nursing and each client situation in a mature, balanced manner. She is genuine and engages in a meaningful way with the most challenging and vulnerable clients. Jessica is respectful to her colleagues, instructors and other professionals.
Nominated by Instructors, Liz Richard, Tracy King and Shelley Bessey, Nursing.

Congratulations Jessica!

We look forward to hosting you at the 2017 President’s Ball for a night to remember.

Get ready for a fantastic evening of delicious dining, an exciting auction and exceptional entertainment! We are really excited to welcome Electric Ballroom to our stage this year! Covering your favourite artists from MJ to Beyonce, get your dancing shoes ready, because these guys will have you out of your seat all night!

2016 President’s Ball!
2016 President’s Ball!
2016 President’s Ball!

Please join us at the Entrec Centre on Saturday, October 21, 2017 for the President’s Ball as we raise funds in support of the students of GPRC and the fastest growing region in Alberta.

Perfect for this year, the theme of Grande Prairie’s premier gala event, is Winds of Change as GPRC is moving forward with ambitious plans that will have a vital impact in our region both in the short term and long into the future. Our youth need local training and education so they will stay here. Our businesses and services need skilled workers, particularly in health and trades. Your contributions to the fundraising efforts of GPRC will help your College evolve to meet these needs and more.

Get your tickets and join us here.

ELCC Students Take The Leap of Leaving Home

ELCC Students Take The Leap of Leaving Home

Ashley Rowe and Brigitte Cockney couldn’t wait to get back to Grande Prairie to start their 2nd year of GPRC’s Early Learning and Child Care program.


Both left their hometown of Hay River, Northwest Territories with a population of roughly 4,000 people to come to the big city, and make their dreams a reality at GPRC.

During their interview, both girls were asked what advice they would give to other students who are feeling nervous and anxious about leaving home, and moving away to begin their post-secondary journey. Take a look at their advice below:

elcc-social-media elcc-social-media2

According to both girls, leaving home wasn’t easy, but it was definitely worth it.

Read their full article here, to learn more about their perspective and experience at GPRC. 

Indigenous Careers Award

Indigenous Careers Award

Indigenous Careers Award

Supporting Indigenous Albertans in their pursuit of post-secondary studies in certificate, diploma, applied degree and bachelor’s degree programs in Alberta high-demand occupations.


Eligible Programs:

  • Business
  • Physical, Natural & Applied Sciences
  • Health Sciences, including Kinesiology
  • Education, including Early Childhood Education and Childcare
  • Technologists
  • Social Sciences, limited to Child and Youth Care, Community Support Worker, Social Work, Addictions Studies/Counselling/Service Worker

You must be enrolled in the 2016-17 Fall and/or Winter semester in order to be considered for these awards. Contact Financial Aid for more information.

Application available at: