Thank You, Servus Credit Union!

Thank You, Servus Credit Union!

Servus Credit Union recently gave a $50,000 donation in support of student awards at GPRC.

Dara Campbell, Servus Credit Union, Regional Manager Business Banking (middle) presenting a $50,000 donation to Carmen Haakstad, Vice-President External Relations (left) and Jennifer Robertson from GPRC Student Services (right).

The funds donated established an endowment for student awards in perpetuity.

Servus Credit Union used to serve regional learners through a Servus Scholarship program, but have recently decided that its support is better served through the creation of endowments.

“The contribution is self-sustaining and therefore will continue to support students for many years in the future,” says Dara Campbell, Servus Credit Union, Regional Manager Business Banking. “An endowment supports GPRC and its foundation at the same time as supporting its student body.  It also makes it easier for students to know about scholarships and bursaries available to them through working directly with Student Services.”

Servus has been pleased to work with GPRC to address the specific needs for the College’s students and GPRC is very appreciative of the work Servus has done.

Thanks to this donation, eligible students will have another possible bursary to apply for to lessen the burden of post-secondary education costs.

 Specifics about this Bursary: 

  • Recipient must be a full time student and have been an Alberta Resident for the past five years.
  • Recipient must demonstrate need (see next point) but also maintain a satisfactory Grade Point Average.
  • Recipient will have submitted a statement showing initiative to overcome financial, social or cultural challenges in order to attend post secondary education.

Servus Credit Union currently has endowments in post secondaries in the following locations:  Edmonton, Lloydminster, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge.  It currently fund over $16,000 in annual scholarships and bursaries each year and will continue to select one college or university per year in locales where they do business to establish a new endowment for the foreseeable future.

Thank you Servus Credit Union for your generous donation and for your support of our region’s learners for years to come.

The Academy Dare to Scare

The Academy Dare to Scare

Students helping students.


The Academy, which includes children ranging from grades 4-12 from different schools; 4-8 Alexander Forbes, 4-8 Ecole Montrose, 9-12 Charles Spencer began to donate to GPRC Room O’ Plenty 3 years ago.

A week before Halloween, students go out with flyers and inform people they will be coming by on Halloween to collect food. This year there was approximately 100 students plus their parents and staff volunteers who went out and collected food.

This year, 2,240 lbs of non-perishable food was donated this year to GPRC Room O’ Plenty from Dare to Scare, The Academy. The biggest year yet!



Thank you to the students of The Academy for their time, support and passion to this cause. It’s greatly appreciated, and we’re so excited for next year.

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