Future Present: GPRC Alumni & Colleagues Exhibition

Future Present: GPRC Alumni & Colleagues Exhibition

Join us tonight, January 26 for the opening reception of Future Present.

GPRC is excited to partner with The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie in celebrating the College’s 50th anniversary with this special exhibition, curated by Faculty in the Fine Arts Department.

The exhibition will run January 26 to March 20 and will showcase artwork by past students, faculty and staff.

The concept for the art exhibition started during the College’s 50th anniversary celebrations in 2016-17. The show features 15 artists.

Let’s meet those artists now.

Dan Arberry studied Fine Art at GPRC for three years before finishing his Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Calgary in 1998. He returned to Grande Prairie to give back to the arts community. Currently he teaches drawing at the Centre for Creative Arts and has been on the Board of Directors for eight years. In addition, Arberry helps others organize art exhibitions, mentors youth, and promotes the idea that art is for everyone.

Kasie Campbell is a visual artist working in Edmonton. Campbell’s work is provocative, combining elements of sculpture, photography, and installation into large scale arrangements. Her goal is to confuse notions of appeal with revolt and pleasure with disgust as well as generate a sense of empathy from the viewer. In 2015, Campbell won the Outstanding Student Achievement Award from the International Sculpture Centre in New Jersey for her work Scopophilia. Two of her sculptures are currently on view at the City of Edmonton’s public art collection in Borden Park until 2019.

Fiona Connell moved to Grande Prairie in 1973 where she studied set design and costumes for theatre at GPRC. She finished her Bachelor of Fine Art (painting) at the University of Calgary and her Master of Fine Art (Painting/Mixed Media) at the University of Alberta. Connell’s series of works, Dwellings, examines the home as a symbol of life. Her choice of materials represents the concept of stereotypical ‘women’s work.’ These pieces are meant to create a starting point for the viewer to make connections of their own and awaken narratives for themselves.

Janet Farnquist completed her Visual Arts and Design Diploma at GPRC in 2015. She works in painting and sculpture and has participated in several group shows in the Peace Region. Her recent works in painting focus on the exploration of the subconscious mind. Farnquist currently resides in Grande Prairie where she is the Coordinator of Exhibitions and Collections at the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie.

Jennifer Ferris was born and raised in Grande Prairie and graduated with a diploma in Visual Arts and Design from GPRC in 2016. Her work is inspired by Canada, nature, and the places that she has visited throughout her life. Her goal is to capture and share the beauty of her home and the places around her.

Ashley Gaboury attended GPRC before receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2003 from the University of Lethbridge. Gaboury uses a variety of mediums including watercolor pencils, alcohol-based markers, acrylics, and mixed media. She is a professional artist and has established herself as an art instructor having previously worked as an instructor at the Prairie Art Gallery (now the AGGP).

Tim Heimdal completed a Fine Art Diploma at GPRC and continued his studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary.  His work often displays figurative expression.  Heimdal started painting murals as one of his main modes of artistic expression in 1984.  He has designed and painted over 100 murals, over 100 sets for theatre events and exhibited paintings.  His work has been featured across Alberta, Canada, the US and Japan.

Dinosaur Tales

In 2005 Tim completed a series of murals for the Grande Prairie Heritage Museum expansion.  Roy Bickel, President of the Museum Board, told Tim he had a dream to build a dinosaur museum.  Tim replied that he would love to do a mural there.

Roy remembered his conversation with Tim and eight years later Tim was contracted to create a mural for the Aykroyd Family Theatre in the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum in Wembley, AB. Tim designed and painted Dinosaur Tales which he dedicates to the memory of visionary Roy Bickel.

Kenzie Housego attended GPRC and holds a Visual Communication certificate as well as a Bachelor of Fine Art (Print Media) from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Her art practice involves mixed media, performance, fashion design, and wearable artwork. Housego is drawn to found objects and imagery with a sense of history, investigating narratives of a romanticized past as well as reflecting on stereotypical images of the feminine by highlighting contemporary modes of beauty and addressing the notions of the relationship between hunger and desire.

Katherine Moe was born and raised in Northern Alberta and attended GPRC to pursue her passion for the arts. She received her diploma for Visual Arts and Design in 2017. Her acrylic paintings use bold colours and large gestural strokes exploring texture and experimental techniques to create light. Her inspiration comes from a sense of nostalgia carried by sounds, patterns of light, or the waft of a fragrance.

Candace Sanderson studied Visual Arts and Design at GPRC in 1994 and developed a passion for sculpting with wood. Her creations consist of organic forms that are rich with colour and depth. Sanderson spends part of each year in British Columbia and her sculptures reflect the influences of Canada’s West Coast yet remain grounded in the Peace Region that shaped her youth.

Kiren Niki Sangra received a diploma in Visual Arts and Design from GPRC in 2002. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art and Design (Jewellery/Metals) in 2006, she returned to Grande Prairie and began working at the Centre for Creative Arts as the Creative Operations Coordinator. Sangra uses a variety of art media and mainly uses watercolor and acrylic paints in her art practice.

Marjorie Taylor graduated from the department of Fine Arts at GPRC in 1984. She became interested in Art History and was introduced to centuries of various art forms from many countries which became an inspiration in her paintings. She uses a variety of mediums in her artwork including acrylic, clay, wood, soapstone, and found objects. Taylor tries to expand boundaries and strives to perfect her techniques along her artistic journey.

Christina Wallwork is a Canadian artist from Peterborough, Ontario. She attended Nipissing University for Culture and Religion in North Bay, Ontario from 2005-2008 before completing her Visual Arts and Design diploma at GPRC. Her artistic process is one of self-discovery and expression. Her subjects focus on wildlife, nature, and spirituality and involve a variety of mediums including pastel, sumi ink, and acrylic paint. Wallwork currently lives in Grande Prairie where she works as a fine artist and a professional framer.

Lena Gilje fell in love with painting while studying Visual Arts and Design at GPRC and graduated in 2008. She earned her diploma from Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, British Columbia and has launched an exciting art career that includes both mixed media and photography. Gilje has travelled and explored art and culture throughout Europe meeting many great people along her journey.

Chris Kinderwater completed a diploma in Visual Arts and Design from GPRC and Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Lethbridge as well as several other courses from the University of Calgary and Alberta College of Art and Design. His work focuses primarily on portrait painting and his goal is to strike a balance between precise detail and vague chaos while simultaneously portraying a recognizable face. Last year at Isabel Campbell Public School’s annual Pink Shirt Day “Guardians” assembly Kinderwater unveiled a painted portrait of the school’s namesake.

“We’re extremely proud of all the work done by the College’s Fine Arts department and we’re excited to showcase the accomplishments of our visual arts alumni with the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie. This is truly an exciting opportunity for the community to see what our students, staff and faculty accomplish,” said Susan Bansgrove, GPRC Vice-President Academics and Research

Come on down and see for yourself.

The exhibition will run January 26 to March 20.


Canada 150 Offers New Opportunity for Students

Canada 150 Offers New Opportunity for Students

Hey GPRC, let’s start looking forward to the future.

Have you heard the awesome news? 

The newest aspect of CICan’s Canada 150 project has been announced! 

Do you have a cool idea to improve life on GPRC Grande Prairie or Fairview campuses?

What about an entrepreneurial idea to give back to your community?

Fundmy15o will allow students to raise modest resources needed to grow their projects and get new ideas off the ground.


We are so excited for the next stage of Canada’s 150 celebrations – don’t miss out on your chance to get involved!

GPRC Looks Forward to the Future

GPRC Looks Forward to the Future

Yesterday, GPRC released the official launch for their 50th Anniversary event – Celebrating Dreams! Get your tickets to this event now! 


GPRC is excited to invite the community to celebrate 50 years of meeting the vital need of post-secondary education opportunities in northwestern Alberta.

Join us on the evening of May 27 at GPRC’s Grande Prairie Campus for a night of Celebrating Dreams. Special guests, Spoken Word Artist Shane Koyczan and Dream, Girl Komal Minhas will enchant us as we reflect on how far the college has come, and unite in the power of having a dream of what our college’s future can hold. Guests will also enjoy an art exhibit from Canadian Artist, Alex Janvier.
GPRC is also excited to offer guests the opportunity to reflect on the College’s history with a display of letters, photos and other memorabilia from our 25th Anniversary time capsule.

Carol-Lee Eckhardt, who was the GPRC Foundation Officer during the College’s 25th Anniversary, volunteered to put this treasured piece of GPRC’s history together. It includes a letter Eckhardt wrote to her daughter Emma, 25 years ago and even more interesting a letter 6 year-old Emma wrote to herself.

GPRC will to seal another time capsule and Echkardt is planning to send a new letter to the future. Guests will be able to submit a written note and take a photo at the event photo booth to add to the treasures of our 50th year and be sealed away until GPRC’s 75th Anniversary in 2042.

Learn more by reading our full news release.

Learn more about Carol-Lee Eckhardt’s story here. 

Bike A Thon: Make Some Noise for Mental Health

Bike A Thon: Make Some Noise for Mental Health

GPRC is proud to be standing up for Mental Health Awareness by making some noise for mental health.


Student-athletes and mental health advocates in Alberta are teaming up with RBC Olympians and Sheldon Kennedy to reduce stigma related to mental illness and promote mental health and wellness. Make Some Noise for Mental Health is an award-winning campaign which promotes mental health awareness on 17 post-secondary campuses in 15 communities. Coinciding with ‘Blue Monday’, the campaign begins on January 16 and continues until February 12, 2017.

Read the full Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference news release here.



Join us on February 3rd and 4th at our GPRC Volleyball home games against the University of Alberta Augustana Vikings to show support of your student athletes and spread awareness of mental health. 



Earlier in the day of February 3rd, join us for a Bike A Thon: Make Some Noise for Mental Health put on by your GPRC Student Wellness and hosted in the SAGPRC Howler’s Lounge. 

The Bike-A-Thon event features up to 20 teams on 20 stationary bikes in the GPRC Howlers Lounge pedaling to achieve the furthest distance for the grand prize.

Student Wellness, Wolves Athletics and the Students’ Association are working together to put together a fun event that will raise awareness for mental health, bring the student body together and burn some calories! Go the distance for Mental Health and Campus Activities!

Learn more on how to register and get involved here.