Looking Back on 50 Years of Student Success

Looking Back on 50 Years of Student Success

GPRC looked back on 50 years of hopes and dreams, while celebrating the dreams of the future to come. The College rejoiced on Saturday evening, during the 50-year anniversary event Celebrating Dreams. The evening was full of cheers, the toasting of drinks and tissues of heartfelt nostalgia.

The college concourse was filled with conversations about the past, present and future of GPRC and the community.

GPRC President & CEO, Don Gnatiuk welcomed the evening’s special guests and reflected on the historic year at the College.

Attendees traveled to the Douglas J. Cardinal Preforming Arts Centre to hear the heartwarming words of special guest speaker Komal Minhas, a local media maker and film producer. She talked about her experiences with GPRC being in the community throughout her life, and the importance of having an institution for community members to find and build their dreams within.

Komal Minhas, described her journey producing the film: Dream, Girl, and her experiences promoting the film at the White House last year.

Shane Koyczan, Spoken Word Artist also performed during the Celebrating Dreams event about the importance and power behind pursuing your personal dreams. At the end of his performance, he was met with roaring applause by the crowd.

After the speeches and performances, attendees were invited downstairs to partake in the festivities, chat with old and new friends, listen to live music (by GPRC Fine Arts Instructor Carmen Gorgichuck) and eat decadent hors d’oeuvres.

Guests were able to browse through an art exhibit by Canadian artist, Alex Janvier.

Guests were also able to go back in time with the 25th Anniversary Time Capsule display.






And witness special moments such as honourary guests, Chartered Instructor LaRon (Ron) Woolley and his wife open a letter addressed to their family found in the 25th Anniversary time capsule.








Or GPRC President & CEO, Don Gnatiuk read a letter with Hon. Marlin Schmidt, Minister of Advanced Education and current GPRC Board of Governors Chair, Pete Merlo.

And also encouraged to leave their own piece of history with the 50th Anniversary Time Capsule. A photo booth was set up for guests to snap a picture and write a message to their future selves, before dropping it in the rocket-shaped  time capsule – sending letters to the future.

Hon. Marlin Schmidt with GPRC Students’ Association President and VP External.

At the end of the evening, guests went home joyful after hours of nostalgic bliss and remembrance. GPRC looks forward to the dreams of the future and how it will help make those dreams a reality.

Thank you to our community for joining in on the celebrating and being a part of GPRC’s story.

If you missed out on the fun, but still want to leave your mark on GPRC’s 50th year, click here. 



Meet your new GPRC Student Success Officers

Meet your new GPRC Student Success Officers

Hey GPRC, meet your new Student Success Officers covering the GPRC Fairview campuses.

Meet Alaina Archibald

My name is Alaina Archibald, and I am the new Student Success Officer on our Fairview Campus!  I moved to Alberta from Terrace, B.C. in August of 2010 to be closer to my boyfriend, who was born and raised in Fairview.  I participated in Business Administration courses at GPRC, but quickly succumbed to the pressures of being in a new city with no friends, and even though my boyfriend and I were significantly closer together, the distance still felt vast.  Luckily, my passion for horses never subsided through my move, and it acted as a fantastic crutch to support me through a troublesome area of my life.  Luckily, I managed to pick myself up and I’m now happily married – and still riding horses!

I began riding horses at the age of 9, and it didn’t take long before I was completely obsessed.  Until the age of 17, I was heavily involved in our local drag racing community, but at this point I am no longer involved to the depth of previous years. During this period, I was also involved in soccer, and participated in both house and rep leagues for a number of years.

Eventually, I decided to sink all my time into horses and for the majority of my life, I was raised by a single mom who worked tirelessly to support my desire to ride along with my older brother’s love for hockey.  I was truly blessed to be granted the opportunities I did that surrounded horses, and my love and devotion has never wavered.  Currently, I continue to actively ride and train my own horses, have a private list of dedicated students, and I am the Founder and President of the Fairview Sport Horse Society.  With the help of my board members, we run 2 All-English Horse Shows per year, and a variety of Dressage and Jumping clinics at the lovely Hawker Pavilion right here on our GPRC Fairview Campus!  I am also involved in the horse racing community and spend nearly every free summer weekend at Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie as a result.

When my husband and I aren’t busy with our horses, we often enjoy travelling, exploring with our husky (because seriously, exercising him is a never ending chore), and participating in various outdoor activities – we never miss an opportunity to go hunting, fishing or camping with friends and family as a result.  While I feel incredibly content in the northern prairies, the mountains will always be my home and I am truly at ease in the outdoors.


So, what is she most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to helping the post-secondary students in our community achieve their academic goals. It is so exciting and inspiring to see others overcome various obstacles and hardships in order to earn amazing achievements! I look forward to providing the support required that current and future students require, and assisting them in finding the path to a successful career!  It is a privilege to get to celebrate and play a small role in the incredible accomplishments of our GPRC students.

How to contact her:

Image result


Alaina Archibald

Student Success Officer

School of Trades, Agriculture & Environment

Office: FAC131, Fairview Campus

Email: AArchibald@gprc.ab.ca

Phone: (780) 835-6763

GPRC Looks Forward to the Future

GPRC Looks Forward to the Future

Yesterday, GPRC released the official launch for their 50th Anniversary event – Celebrating Dreams! Get your tickets to this event now! 


GPRC is excited to invite the community to celebrate 50 years of meeting the vital need of post-secondary education opportunities in northwestern Alberta.

Join us on the evening of May 27 at GPRC’s Grande Prairie Campus for a night of Celebrating Dreams. Special guests, Spoken Word Artist Shane Koyczan and Dream, Girl Komal Minhas will enchant us as we reflect on how far the college has come, and unite in the power of having a dream of what our college’s future can hold. Guests will also enjoy an art exhibit from Canadian Artist, Alex Janvier.
GPRC is also excited to offer guests the opportunity to reflect on the College’s history with a display of letters, photos and other memorabilia from our 25th Anniversary time capsule.

Carol-Lee Eckhardt, who was the GPRC Foundation Officer during the College’s 25th Anniversary, volunteered to put this treasured piece of GPRC’s history together. It includes a letter Eckhardt wrote to her daughter Emma, 25 years ago and even more interesting a letter 6 year-old Emma wrote to herself.

GPRC will to seal another time capsule and Echkardt is planning to send a new letter to the future. Guests will be able to submit a written note and take a photo at the event photo booth to add to the treasures of our 50th year and be sealed away until GPRC’s 75th Anniversary in 2042.

Learn more by reading our full news release.

Learn more about Carol-Lee Eckhardt’s story here.