GPRC Wolves Rookie Plays in Jeux Canadienne

GPRC Wolves Rookie Plays in Jeux Canadienne

One of the new recruits for our GPRC Wolves Women’s Basketball team – Tradyn Erickson from Peace River recently attended Jeux Canadienne.

Jeux Canadienne is a national multi-sport event with Francophone Teams from each province competing.  It only happens every 3 years and it is a pretty big deal to be selected. This year the games took place in Moncton, New Brunswick.

We caught up with Tradyn before school starts to hear about her experience.

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What was it like competing with some of the country’s best basketball players?

It was a great experience, you get to meet new people from all around the country. This is my second time competing in the games I was at the 2014 games in Gatineau, Quebec. The competition is awesome. And the atmosphere is great.

What did you learn from your experience in Moncton?

I mostly learnt what is means to be a francophone in Canada and how to be proud of it, I don’t get to speak French much anywhere else but school so I really improved my French!

Has that experience impacted the way you play/train?

Playing three on three, I don’t always get to play against bigs so you learn to be more of an all round player.

What are you most looking forward to in your rookie season with the Wolves?

I’m looking forward to learning lots from my coach and teammates! Also just meeting new people and making new relationships with new teammates and coaches!

Tradyn Erickson with her teammates at the Jeux Canadienne Games this year in Moncton, New Brunswick.
Welcome, Nabil!

Welcome, Nabil!

We are happy to welcome Nabil Marouf as our new Research Project Coordinator at GPRC’s NBDC-TAC! Nabil is a scientist who has worked in Grande Prairie for near five years in various roles from public health projects manager and analytical support to psycho-social aid and training’s on resilience techniques against stress, a skill he put to use helping Fort McMurray residents and professionals in the aftermath of the 2016 wildfire.

Like most scientists, Nabil has nurtured a lifelong passion for learning and sharing. It was his eagerness for new experiences that first brought him to NBDC-TAC. “I’m a scientific adventurer who likes to learn and to be inspired. There’s nothing more inspiring than the noble task of saving the bees, at least to try to help.”

Part of Nabil’s mandate while he is here is to work on completing the National Survey of Bee Health, an NBDC-TAC four-year project that began in 2014. “It’s a challenge, another exciting one” said Nabil. The National Survey aims to establish a bee health database for Canadian beekeepers by collecting and analyzing bee samples from across the country. The project is the first of its kind in Canada, and will help bring Canada up to the same standards as other top-ranking beekeeping nations of the world.

Nabil is aware of the importance of his role to the success of its mission. To Nabil, bee health is more than just a science experiment: it is the future. “If we don’t care about the bees, we don’t care about the environment we’re living in. About what we are eating, what we are giving to our kids and the next generations. The bee is a good indicator of the health status of our environment. It’s definitively the future of the world!”

As Nabil tackles the newest challenge in his life, he is excited to do it alongside the outstanding team at GPRC’s NBDC-TAC – almost as excited as we are to have him here.

Welcome, Nabil!