Survival tips for the Winter Semester

Survival tips for the Winter Semester

Winter temperatures in Grande Prairie can reach up to -40 degrees Celsius which can mean that it takes a very special set of skills to keep on keeping on. The following tips is based on a college students experience on coping with the harsh weathers of GP during the winter semester of college

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Survival tips for the Winter Semester:

  1. Be warned, keep warm
  • The keyword here is layering. As a college student, you might not have the budget to buy new winter clothes and let’s face it winter clothes are expensive. It does not only save you money but it also allows you to adjust your clothing based on the temperature. However, sometimes cheaper isn’t always better, if you have any extra money laying around invest in winter clothes that can last for at least the duration of your stay in college.
  1. Be friendly to your classmates
  • Making friends helps you stay engaged in class plus in a case where you couldn’t go to your class because you have no transportation or any personal reasons, you can rely on your classmates to share their notes that day. Also, you won’t know when your car might need a booster, it’s good to be sure that you have a good relationship with your classmates when that happens.
  1. Catch up on sleep 
  • It’s usually dark and cloudy during the winter and this weather might be the perfect time to catch up on sleep. Having enough sleep can give you the energy that you will need in order to focus on your classes. Therefore, more sleep can mean better grades.
  1. Make use of the sunshine
  • We sometimes get a few sunny days during the winter therefor you should make sure that you will take advantage of those day so walk around and enjoy the sun.

The harsh temperatures of winter might be an extra challenge to our already stressful college life but it’s not going to go away any time soon so we might as well make sure that we make the best of it.

Submitted by GPRC Student Ambassador, John Raymund Nacis