GPRC Wolves Featured Athletes of the Week: January 7, 2019

GPRC Wolves Featured Athletes of the Week: January 7, 2019

Each week, two GPRC Wolves athletes are selected for their achievements over the weekend on the field, track, or court. We are pleased to congratulate Scott Fraser from the Wolves Men’s Soccer team and Anna van der Giessen from the Wolves Cross Country Running/Indoor Track team as our current Featured Athletes of the Week!


Scott Fraser #14

Program: 5th Year, Business Administration
Position: Midfielder
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

GPRC Wolves midfielder, Scott Fraser is in his fifth and final year at the College. He has played a key role in the program and mentoring our younger players. Scott has a wand of a left foot and possesses a wonderful first touch complete with a booming shot. He is one of the most naturally gifted athletes in the squad and his love for the game brings the team’s momentum up a notch.

Scott is a popular member of the squad. He is a mature student-athlete and advises the younger athletes of the Wolves way. Thank you to Scott for his dedication to the Wolves.


Anna van der Giessen

Program: 2nd Year, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Hometown: Bezanson, Alberta

With the departure of last year’s Cross Country Running MVP Kelcie Bulas, Anna van der Giessen was tasked with leading the Wolves Women’s Cross Country team this fall. Anna stepped up to the task and was the top GPRC Wolves Women’s runner in every race during the October and November season. The pride of Bezanson, Alberta, Anna looks to score points in Indoor Track for the Wolves in the 600m, the 1000m, and the 4 x 400m relay this semester. Thank you Anna for your dedication to the Wolves program.

Congratulations to our GPRC Wolves Featured Athletes of the Week. Thank you for being excellent examples of what it means to be a student-athlete.

Surviving College : The Working Mom Edition

Surviving College : The Working Mom Edition

Motherhood is one of the most challenging paths one can take in life. Tiny humans depend entirely on you to sustain their lives. College also happens to be one of the most challenging and stressful undertakings. Put those together and add a job as so many of us do and you’re talking Britney Spears circa 2007 level pressure. As a mother and a student as well as a business owner, though I claim to be an expert at none, I know how difficult the constant balance is so I’ve devised my own tips to surviving college when tiny people and businesses depend on you while also maintaining ones mental health.

GPRC Student and Student Ambassador, Casey with her daughter.

Help is Necessary:

You are a superhero, there’s no doubt about it, but even Batman had a butler. It is okay to ask for help. It’s more than okay – please ask for help. Find your support system and lean on them. Don’t feel guilty. Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re anything less than amazing, it simply means that you understand the airplane analogy and know you must put your air mask on before you can help others.

Sometimes you won’t be Great: 

When you’re juggling work and school and parenting there’s going to be times when you feel like you’re letting one of them down. Be gentle with yourself. Some days you’ll bake the cookies and make the crafts and that English essay will be done two days early…but you have to cancel two shifts at work. Sometimes you’ll work all the hours and ace the math test but Paw Patrol will play on repeat and supper will be snacks far more than you’re willing to admit. It’s okay. Be great on as many days you can and forgive yourself on the days you can’t.

Life doesn’t have a Syllabus: 

This speaks for itself. Make those plans and reach for those dreams but know that there is no wrong way to do your education. You have a lot of responsibilities on your plate and there’s no shame in stretching out that four year plan so you can maintain your own health. Know when you feel yourself burning out that regrouping isn’t a failure – it’s recognizing your success on your terms.

And finally…

This isn’t Forever: 

One day you’ll be a graduate with an awesome career and no more final exams to study for or 3000 word papers to write. Those sleepless nights rocking a sick child on one knee and highlighting a textbook in the other will be a distant memory. It doesn’t make it any easier right now but you’re working towards your own dreams while raising future dream chasers and that’s something to be proud of.

Submitted by GPRC Bachelor of Arts student, Student Ambassador, mother and entrepreneur, Casey Caines.

GPRC student named one of first 3D Children’s Society scholarship recipients

GPRC student named one of first 3D Children’s Society scholarship recipients

The 3D Children’s Society is proud and honoured to announce our first scholarship winners, Kiesha Mastrodimos and Zane Gibson. Kiesha and Zane are past recipients of the 3D Charity Hockey and Soccer Tournament support while attending schools in the Grande Prairie Public and Peace Wapiti School districts. Kiesha and Zane each received a check for $1000.00 to help with the cost of their post-secondary education.

Kiesha attended school in Sexsmith and graduated from Beaverlodge Regional High School.  She is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts, with concentration in Criminology, Pre-Professional at GPRC.

“I can’t even explain how much this means to me,” said Mastrodimos. “I am so thankful and so grateful for this. I am so excited that I can focus on my studies and getting good grades instead of worrying about financial stuff. I am loving GPRC and my classes and my instructors, and I’m so thankful that I can just continue to focus on that.”

Zane attended Grande Prairie Composite High School and graduated from Charles Spencer High School in 2016.  He is currently working toward his Accounting Certificate at Athabasca University online.

“This means to much to me and my family,” said Gibson. “This extra income can go towards things that I need, especially now that I’m in school, it’s nice to not have to worry about those extra expenses.”

Congratulations, Zane and Kiesha and we wish you continuous success with your studies.

Board Members of the 3D Children’s Society presenting a $1000.00 check to each of Zane Gibson and Kiesha Mastrodimos. Back Row left to right: Kim Gravengard, Board Member, Carmen Haakstad, Vice-President External Relations (GPRC), Susan Bansgrove, Vice-President Academics and Research (GPRC), Kelsey Urban, Board Member, Ali Engelberts, Board Member, Kevin Mack, Board Member. Front Row left to right: Kiesha Mastrodimos, Student, Zane Gibson, Student.