38 ACAC Academic Awards for GPRC Wolves

38 ACAC Academic Awards for GPRC Wolves

GPRC athletes represent our community and region across the province and across Canada. They are ambassadors of not only GPRC but our region. Not only do our athletes excel in their sport of choice but also in the classroom.

We are so excited to share with our community that our GPRC Wolves were recently awarded with 38 Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) Academic Awards!

GPRC Wolves Women’s Volleyball 5th year graduated player Michelle Gauthier, and 2nd year libero, McKenna Wolstenholme, are two of thirty-eight student athletes to receive the 2016-17 ACAC Academic Athlete Award.

GPRC Wolves Volleyball players Michelle Gauthier and McKenna Wolstenholme with their ACAC Academic Awards. The girls were 2 of 38 players recognized by ACAC this season.

These awards are presented to student-athletes who achieve academic honours standing as defined by each particular institution.  The award applies to athletes in all sanctioned ACAC sports who have used a year of eligibility in the academic year for which the award is presented.  To be eligible, a student-athlete must achieve honours standing in at least one semester, and present honours standing with a combined GPA for two terms of attendance.

GPRC Wolves takes pride in the efforts of our student athletes and their commitment to academic excellence. We are all Wolves at GPRC and want to congratulate all those honoured. Be proud of your accomplishments!


Sydney Andres Basketball – W
Stanley Bateman Basketball – M
Kailey Bratland Cross Country/Indoor Track
Ashley Camsell Cross Country
Cavan Chong Basketball – M
Jaden Cross Volleyball – W
Jill Cole Basketball – W
Janelle Dentinger Volleyball – W
Jarrod Dextrase Volleyball – M
Michelle Gauthier Volleyball – W
Shelby Gitzel Soccer – W
Emily Groenenboom Volleyball – W
Kennedy Hall Soccer – W
Maria Houle Cross Country/Indoor Track
Megan Hopkins Cross Country/Indoor Track
Megan Koch Volleyball – W
Emma Lainchbury Basketball – W
Mitchell Luck Volleyball – M
Karina Manz Cross Country/Indoor Track
Janai Martens Soccer – W
Derek McKnight Basketball – M
Daxton Moen Volleyball – M
David Morgan Volleyball – M
Kellen Morris Basketball – M
Brook Robert Soccer – W
Logan Rempel Basketball – M
Christie Shephard Cross Country/Indoor Track
Aneta Skurski Soccer – W
Andrea Snider Cross Country/Indoor Track
Jarred St. Arnault Cross Country/Indoor Track
Jamie Strauss Volleyball – W
Reid Toews Volleyball – M
Linnaea Vanderzwan Basketball – W
Kate Winterford Soccer – W
Brandon Wladyko Cross Country/Indoor Track
McKenna Wolstenholme Volleyball – W
Hassan Yusuf Soccer – M
Stefanie Zahara Volleyball – W