Two New Men’s Volleyball Recruits!

Two New Men’s Volleyball Recruits!

The GPRC Wolves are pleased to announce the signing of Andrew Fogle and Chad Morrison to the Men’s Volleyball program.

Welcome to the pack, Andrew!

Andrew, who brought home gold from the 2018 Arctic Winter Games, and U18 Volleyball Alberta bronze is a very well rounded and highly skilled volleyball player. According to Head Coach Mitch Schneider, his versatility and skill will be a great asset to the program. Andrew looks forward to training and playing with the Wolves and is excited to develop with better, stronger players, all while pursuing studies in the Business Program with GPRC.

Welcome to the pack, Chad!

With Gold in both U18 2017 Provincial and 2016 Alberta Summer Games Beach Volleyball, Head Coach Mitch Schneider is delighted that Chad has chosen to join the Wolves, saying that he has been a strong attacker throughout his high school and club career, I’m excited to see what skills he will bring to the team. Chad who is pursuing studies in the Kinesiology (Science) Program looks forward to playing volleyball at a higher level, close to home, with a great group of guys.

Welcome to the pack, Andrew and Chad!

Welcome to the pack, Kelsey!

Welcome to the pack, Kelsey!

The GPRC Wolves are pleased to announce the signing of Kelsey McQuaig to the Women’s Basketball program.

Welcome to the pack, Kelsey!

The Charles Spencer High School Mavericks 2017-18 team captain, Kelsey, will add depth at point guard for us this fall. Her poise and maturity to see the floor and find teammates, even when pressured will be a big asset for us according to head coach Mandy Botham. Kelsey, who is enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program, chose GPRC because of the academic offerings, and wanted to stay close to home. She also looks forward to playing at the college level and developing her skills as an athlete.

Welcome to the pack, Kelsey!

Holmesglen Nurses Visit GPRC

Holmesglen Nurses Visit GPRC

Last May, GPRC Nursing Instructors Teresa Evans and Sheila Elliott were selected to head down under as part of a faculty exchange and research opportunity with Holmesglen Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

GPRC Nursing Instructors Teresa Evans and Sheila Elliott visited Holmesglen Institute in Melbourne, Australia in May 2017.

Check out their adventures here.

Recently, Holmesglen got to return the favour and join us in Grande Prairie for a visit.

Andree Gamble and Debra Kiegaldie from Holmesglen Nursing Department located in Melbourne, Australia arrived at GPRC earlier this month after a roughly 30-hour plane ride as part of an exchange program with the College. This trip was both of their first times to Canada.

Debra Kiegaldie (L) and Andree Gamble from Melbourne, Australia’s Holmesglen Institute.

With the expected completion of Grande Prairie’s new regional health and education centre in 2020, GPRC is building a partnership with Holmesglen Institute to share opportunities for research and education that comes from both institutions having hospitals on college-owned land.

On their agenda was getting to meet and discuss further opportunities with the College’s Executive team and Nursing Department along with getting to sit in on the some of the current accelerated Nursing courses happening over the summer at the College.

Gamble, an Undergraduate Coordinator at Holmesglen, discussed how much she enjoyed sitting in on one of GPRC’s classes.

“The cohort of students was outstanding and so welcoming of me,” said Gamble. “I think it would be good for our students to experience the smaller class sizes and likewise for the Grande Prairie students.”

Class sizes at GPRC are quite a bit smaller than those at Holmesglen, with a 56-student intake as opposed to Holmesglen’s approximately 600 students in two Nursing programs (a two-year Diploma program and a three-year Bachelor’s degree.)

A major goal of this budding partnership is to start an exchange program that would involve students and faculty.

“It would be good for our students and also the students in Grande Prairie to see how similar we are in terms of health care and access to health care,” said Gamble. “Our students live in a big city, so access to medical care of any description is really quite close. Here it is a different environment. This is a regional centre.”

Visiting the College’s On-Campus Friendship Centre.

Kiegaldie, an associate professor at Holmesglen Institute, said that would be great experience for their students.

“We talk to our students a lot about a global view on health. This would be an opportunity to expand their thinking and their understanding of what it means to work in another country,” she said.

The faculty from both institutions discussed the potential benefits of a faculty member accompanying the two or three students who would be partaking in the exchange to create a sense of comfort and continue to expand the sharing of knowledge.

“Faculty exchanges are beneficial because we can pick up on the little things that have been implemented successfully at GPRC and see if they would work for us and likewise,” said Kiegaldie.

At this early planning stage, discussions are around having students from Grande Prairie visit Holmesglen in April and students from Australia visit GPRC in October.

A tour of the College’s National Bee Diagnostics Centre.

Before Andree and Debra departed on their trip home, they for sure got the Alberta-tourist experience. The ladies toured Banff and Lake Louise and saw a bear, got a picture with the Big Beaver in Beaverlodge, viewed the expansion project at the National Bee Diagnostic Centre and—their favourite activity—got to ride in a chuckwagon!

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before,” said Gamble. “It was the ultimate experience!”

Debra and Andree experiencing a chuckwagon for the first time!

A huge thank you to Andree and Debra for joining us at GPRC. We look forward to welcoming you back on campus in the near future.

R E L A X: It’s good for you!

R E L A X: It’s good for you!



Finding ways to relax without the time needed.

With final exams, job searching, family pressures, and all the other life pressures, stress is high and time is short. However, if we don’t make the time to relax, we will do worse on everything that we work on. Relaxing is a priority, especially when we are pressured to accomplish a lot. Summer is the time to have fun, regroup, and spend lots of time in the sun! Have a great summer!

Submitted by Corry Lemire, GPRC Student Ambassador.

Welcome to the Pack, Dominica!

Welcome to the Pack, Dominica!

The GPRC Wolves are pleased to announce the signing of Dominica Onun to the Women’s Basketball program.

Welcome to the Pack, Dominica!

Dominica who has grown with the Wolves club program is excited to develop her skills and gain experience at a higher level. Because of her close relationship with the program, she chose to continue her basketball career with the Wolves because it already felt like home. As a 2017 GPRC Wolves All-Star and St. Joes Ceinah’s MVP, Dominica will add to the program with her strength, grit and competitive fire according to Head Coach Mandy Botham, adding that Dominica plays much bigger than she is and will be an asset to the team in the upcoming season.

Welcome to the pack, Dominica!