Are You a Slave to Fashion Trends?

Surprisingly, following the latest fashion trends is still a big deal on college campuses such as GPRC but considering the cost implications, one would think that students could literally not afford to get caught in this trap. Since fashion trends come and go, keeping up with them can become very expensive, particularly for students. I have noticed in my first year at GPRC that a lot of students are wearing the same fashion trends. I can’t afford to follow fashion trends but there are times that I have desired these trendy clothes but their cost was prohibitive. When I wasn’t able to have them, it saddened me because I felt that I was not fitting in with the rest of the GPRC college students. Ironically, these constantly changing fashion trends are a never-ending cycle of spending money just so one can feel “current” in today’s clothing fashions. It would never end if I got caught in this spending trap!

Is it possible that the constant pursuit of these trends is linked to self-esteem? Are people still trying to meet the standards of others? I came to realize that it is not so much about wearing the latest trends but how you could combine your existing articles of clothing, how it looks on you, and how neatly you present yourself.

Furthermore, students who want to look good take care of their inner and outer self: wearing a smile, and sharing some kindness and compassion is more important than what the eyes can see. While you work towards presenting the best outside, consider developing inner traits that make us better people.

Blog post submitted by GPRC Student Ambassador, Makua Chukwuweta.

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