Keeping the Stress at Bay

We all know the feeling of our courses weighing us down, stressing us out, however, there are ways we can adapt and overcome the winter blues and keep that upbeat attitude through the school year! 

  • Diet: Making sure to eat a balanced and nutritious diet is key in looking and feeling your best. Try to enjoy fruit, vegetables, and home-cooked meals as often as possible, these are loaded in essential vitamins and nutrients that we need during the cold winter months
  • Exercise: Get moving! Moving and working out is a fantastic way to increase your mood, according to a Harvard medical study, running just 15 minutes or walking for an hour can help reduce the risk of depression. We have a fantastic gym available for students at no charge, just bring your ID!
  • Set aside ‘you-time’: Taking care of yourself is very important. With all the exams and papers that are due we can often find ourselves forgetting to take time to relax and do some much-needed self-care. 
  • Sleep: Sleep is so important for us, even though we can rarely find the time to get the proper amount. Without sleep, you will feel more exhausted and be less focused, which in turn can make sleeping more difficult. 
  • Give yourself time: If an assignment or a paper is due in a week, work on it when you get it. This will help you ration your time better and reduce the stress of having a large paper or assignment due with only a day to do it in!

We all have stress; it is completely normal and natural to feel stressed out. If you are feeling stressed or sad, we have many fantastic instructors and mentors here that can help you out, as well as professional counselors that can help you manage your stress, depression, or anxiety. If you feel you need help, get the My SSP app or talk to student services about mental health help.

Submitted by GPRC Student Ambassador, Neil Reid.

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