GPRC Office Administration Changes Lives!

Are you looking for a steady career? Wanting to change your life in only one year? GPRC Office Administration offers its students specialized programs designed to provide you with the critical skills required to succeed in a career you’ll love.

Our graduates of the Office Administration program attain professional knowledge and skills that are highly sought after by a wide range of employers. Obtaining superior skills in communications, interpersonal relations, and office administration; our graduates open the doors to excellent opportunities to enter and advance in careers with the hours, benefits and flexibility they want.

Check out what Lee Wrigley, Practice Manager at South 40 Dental had to say about the program and its students.

“We have participated in the GPRC Dental Administration work placement program since 2014, and it has been instrumental in providing us insights into our own training program, as well as a great way to introduce students into a fast paced, technology-rich environment.

At times, we have taken on two students at once for their work placements, and our team loves being able to share their experience, as well as show them the level of customer care, and cohesive teamwork we strive to achieve everyday. Out of our placements over the years, we have hired four students out of this program, and of the two that are still currently working with us, they are a valued part of our admin team. The training that they received with the GPRC Office Administration program better prepared them for their work placement with us, and was a very valuable time saver with regards to the students already having a lot of dental terminology and knowledge of the industry.  This is such a value to me, as we have a very large practice with five dentists and a team of 35 employees, so hiring someone from this program is almost always a sure bet that they will be able to perform at a level that suits our needs!

I would strongly recommend any administration managers to participate in this work placement program!”

So, what are you waiting for?

Apply today and start on your way to a career in one year.

Learn more about the Office Administration program here. 

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