GPRC I&E Challenge Team Profile: Team #1 (Growing the North)

(L-R) Elizabeth Vidrih, Holly Thiessen, and Zachary Grinnell meet to discuss their project for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge.

GPRC’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge is well underway for the seven students who are competing this year.

In this GPRIN-sponsored challenge, teams of students work collaboratively with a business in the community to tackle a professional project or identify solutions to a challenge faced by the business. The first team of four is working with the Growing the North business conference to develop a promotional video; the second, a team of three, is working with GPRC’s National Bee Diagnostic Centre to improve the design of a piece of diagnostic equipment.

Introducing Team #1: Growing the North Promotional Video

GPRC business administration student Elizabeth Vidrih says participating in the challenge hasn’t just enhanced her learning—it has changed the course of her education.

“The challenge inspired me to switch my major from accounting to management,” Vidrih said. She explained that after exploring her creative side and acting in a leadership role on her team, she realized a management major suited her strengths and interests better than the orderly, numbers-governed world of accounting. “Rules are very important in accounting, but I’ve realized that I don’t like to follow the rules,” she laughed. “This project was a great way for me to dip my toes into that world of management.”

Vidrih is working on a promotional video for Growing the North with three of her classmates from GPRC’s Business Administration program. Vidrih, along with teammates Zachary Grinnell, Holly Thiessen and John Wanotch, first developed an interest in Growing the North when they attended the event last year. All four teammates are looking forward to shedding light on what Vidrih called “an extremely beneficial conference.”

Teams did not have to tackle their challenge alone – they were given access to resources and expertise in the community and the College. Vidrih’s team was able to draw from the wisdom of local filmmaker and business owner Len Morissette, who is the founder of CIA Solutions Inc., and from GPRC video production instructor David McGregor. “We had so much support,” said Vidrih. “When we first started, I was worried our team was going to be thrown to the wolves a little bit, but it didn’t feel like that. It was so helpful to have access to all that material, equipment, and expertise. It was amazing. I think I can speak on behalf of my team when I say to our mentors, thank you!

Teams will have the opportunity to present their challenge solutions in January, when a Challenge winner will be announced.

GPRC Wolves Featured Athletes of the Week: December 3, 2018

GPRC Wolves Featured Athletes of the Week: December 3, 2018

Each week, two GPRC Wolves athletes are selected for their achievements over the weekend on the field, track, or court. We are pleased to congratulate Heidi Derksen from the Wolves Women’s Basketball team and Logan Rempel from our Wolves Men’s Basketball team as our current Featured Athletes of the Week!


Heidi Derksen #14

Program: 1st Year, Educational Assistant
Position: Guard/Forward
Hometown:LaCrete, Alberta

Heidi has been a great addition to the GPRC Wolves Women’s Basketball team. An aggressive forward, Heidi is often tasked with defending our opponents best stretch 4. Her ability to play both inside and on the perimeter make her tough to contain. We’re excited to have her as part of the pack!

Well done, Heidi!



Logan Rempel #13

Program:University Transfer Kinesiology
Position: Guard
Hometown: Grande Prairie, Alberta

Logan is a 2nd year guard for the Wolves Men’s Basketball team.  Logan was born and raised in Grande Prairie, graduating from Grande Prairie Composite High School.  Logan is enrolled in the Kinesiology program and puts in the work in both the gym and in the classroom. Logan strives for excellence, achieving the highest GPA on the team.  He also works hard in the gym. We’re excited to have him back after a season ending injury that required surgery in the off-season.

Well done, Logan!