GPRC Wolves Weekend Recap: November 9, 2018

Cross Country Running 

GPRC Wolves Cross Country Running team competed at the 2018 CCAA XC Running Nationals this past Saturday at Seneca College’s King City Campus in Toronto, Ontario.

GPRC Wolves Cross Country Men’s team.

Second-year runners Eric Nooy and Anna van der Giessen both made significant improvements over their 2017 placings.

Nooy, running in the men’s 8 km race, clocked a time of 30:49 and recorded a 59th place finish, 39 spots better than last year.

Van der Giessen had similar success in the women’s 6 km race.  She crossed the line in 45th place vs. 72nd place in 2017.

Collectively, the Wolves women placed 18th among the college teams; the Wolves men placed 19th.

Other Wolves participants included:

Brittany Duvall – 6 km – 90th place

Krista Frey – 6 km – 109th place

Erin Grier – 6 km – 115th place

Miguel Macedo – 8 km – 89th place

Brice Wilkes – 8 km – 93rd place

Tarias Fournier – 8 km – 100th place

Brandon Tufford – 8km – DNF

Way to go Wolves!

GPRC Wolves Cross Country Women’s team.

Full results are posted here.


Women’s Volleyball 

The energy was high in the gym gymnasium this weekend.

The Wolves played host to the Concordia Thunder for their last home game weekend series of the year.

On Friday night, the crowd was loud, as the Wolves jumped out to a quick lead; getting a kill and two service aces by #1 Megan Koch.

The Wolves would take a 5-2 lead before Wolves #7 Leah Friesen would serve 5 straight points to add on. The Thunder took a timeout and rallied together to put 5 straight points on the board making the score 12-7 for the Wolves. The set went back and forth before the Wolves finished it 25-16.

GPRC Wolves Women’s Volleyball in action vs. Concordia Thunder, Friday, November 9. 

The Wolves came out strong in the second set and battled hard to put the score at 15-10. Great action on both sides of the net to end the set 25-17. Wolves take a 2-0 lead.

The third set started off close. 6-4 for the Wolves, Thunder serving. A big kill by #6 Megan Warner and the Wolves would go up 7-4. Lots of great action at the net, and the Thunder come within 3 points. Thunder called a timeout and the Wolves came out strong, looking to end the game, score now 16-10. The crowd gained some momentum as the stands filled up, and the Wolves used their energy to put the game away 25-15. Wolves win 3-0.

Wolves #12 McKenna Wolsterholme lead the Wolves with 12 digs, #1 Megan Koch lead with 11 kills and #16 Bailey Chartrand lead with 29 assists.

The Mr. Mikes Player of the Game for the GPRC Wolves was #7 Leah Friesen and for the Concordia Thunder, #8 McKayla Ebel.

‪Bezanson Bulldogs Volleyball team presented the Mr Mikes Grande Prairie Player of the Game honours to Wolves #7 Leah Friesen and Concordia #8 Maykayla Ebel! ‬


On Saturday afternoon, the Wolves played their second game of a weekend series against Concordia.

The Wolves were looking to even out their record at 5-5.

During the first set, Concordia got off to a good start and went up on the Wolves 7-3. The Wolves answered back with 7 straight points before the Thunder called a timeout. A few kills from #1 Megan Koch and the Wolves took a 5 point lead, 23-15. The Thunder called a timeout and then got a couple kills by #3 Kayla Whiteman Kyte to come within 4.

#1 Megan Koch finished the set with a kill to end the game at 25-20.

Thunder came out strong the second set, but the Wolves responded. The set went back and forth to 17 points when #6 Megan Warner served for 3 points to take the first lead, 20-17. Two more quick points for the Wolves before the Thunder called a timeout. They rallied back and fourth before #7 Leah Friesen had a big kill to make it 24-19. The Thunder battled to close the gap to 24-22 before the set ended 25-23 for the Wolves.

Third set was a battle at the net. Both teams played well. The Wolves fought hard and stayed ahead to win 25-18 and take the game 3-0.

#1 Megan Koch lead the Wolves with 14 digs and 9 kills.

The Mr. Mikes Player of the Game for the GPRC Wolves was #4 Tori Mooch with 3 kills and 1 dig and for the Concordia Thunder, #9 Tianna Smith with 8 kills and 7 digs.

The Mr. Mikes Player of the Game for the GPRC Wolves was #4 Tori Mooch and for the Concordia Thunder #9 Tianna Smith.


Men’s Volleyball 

Wolves played host to the Concordia Thunder this past weekend, in their last home game series of the year.

The first set was close with lots of great plays on both sides of the net. The score went back and forth before the Thunder sealed it, 25-21. GPRC’s #5 Andrew Fogle lead the way in the first set with 5 digs and 9 assists.

Second set open up with the Thunder taking the lead 6-3. At 8-3, Wolves called a time out. #6 Kirk Testawitch has a big kill straight out of the time out and a tip for another point. Wolves close the gap to 4 points. Thunder still pushed strong, and got ahead by 6. The battle at the net continued as the Thunder pull away by 7 and eventually went on to win, 25-20.

Wolves are down 2-0, after a quick 3 minute break, they were ready to go to battle. Lots of back and forth at the net, and big kills on both sides, resulted in the third set being a crowd pleaser. Wolves #9 Tom Wheeler ended the set with a big kill, 25-20.

Wolves take the third set Friday night vs. Concordia

Thunder are up 2-1 heading into the fourth set.

The set started out as a back and forth affair. At the 10 point mark the battle at the net had been forgotten as both teams go on an all out big hit blitz.  The Wolves display their mental and physical toughness as they claw back to tie the match at 14, after wreathing a storm of insane hits lead by Concordia’s #17.  At 23-22 for the Wolves, Head Coach Mitchell Schneider calls a time out and the ensuing play pushes the Wolves a point to lead 24-22.  Last kill of the set goes to #12 Ethan Nashim, causing the Wolves to win 25-23 and the game is tied at 2-2.

GPRC Wolves #12 Ethan Nashim serves the winning game point in the fourth set.

With the game tied at 2 sets each, both teams are hungry for the win, and the crowd is loud.

The Thunder get off to an early lead up 3-1. The Wolves come back to jump ahead 7-4 with a big kill by #12 Ethan Nashim, #10 Carter Nadkrynechny and #6 Kirk Testawitch.

The Thunder called a timeout to try to get things going again, and rally for 4 straight points to come within 1 point, 8-9 Wolves. The battle continued for both teams until Thunder finished the game 16-14.

The Mr. Mikes Player of the Game for the GPRC Wolves is #5 Andrew Fogle and for the Concordia Thunder #8 Kale Kruger.

The Mr. Mikes Player of the Game for the GPRC Wolves is #5 Andrew Fogle and for the Concordia Thunder #8 Kale Kruger.


On Saturday, the Wolves were hungry for redemption.

During the first set, the Thunder got off to a great start going up 8-0 on the Wolves. Wolves battled hard and brought the score back to 9-13 but the Thunder still managed to come out on top, winning 25-17. There were 20 total kills in the set to keep the crowd entertained.

The second set saw the points going back and fourth with both teams battling hard. The Thunder came out on top once again, 27-25.

By the third set, the Wolves were gunning for a win. They opened up the set with a big lead, and went up 14-6, thanks to a big kill from Kirk Testawitch. The Thunder called a couple timeouts but the Wolves were ready to take a set and ended up winning, 25-16.

Heading to a fourth set, and the afternoon looking an awful lot like the night before. The Wolves were ready to battle.

The fourth set was a tight one with both teams rallying back and fourth until 16 points. There, the Wolves pulled ahead 19-16. They held onto the lead even when the Thunder came back to bring the score to 23-21 with the Wolves still ahead. Thunder called timeout, looking to end the game. They brought the game to 23-23 and the Wolves got a kill to make it 24-23. After the Thunder tie it back up at 24, Wolves called a timeout. Thunder go onto win 30-28.

The Mr. Mike’s Player of the Game for the GPRC Wolves, #6 Kirk Testawhich with 11 kills and 7 digs and for the Concordia Thunder, #3 Ryab Teliske with 12 kills and 14 digs.

Mr. Mike’s Player of the Game for the GPRC Wolves, #6 Kirk Testawitch and for the Concordia Thunder, #3 Ryan Teliske.


GPRC Wolves Volleyball teams are on the road this weekend as they head to Fort McMurray to take on the Keyano Huskies. 

GPRC Wolves Basketball teams had a by-weekend this past weekend, but welcome the Keyano Huskies to GPRC for their last home game series of the year this coming weekend. 

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