Having Fun at GPRC

It is the beginning of a new year at Grande Prairie Regional College. If you are a new student or a returning student, the anxieties of the year are just beginning.

Whether you are in the trades, upgrading, or any other course in the college: make friends, try something new, challenge yourself! There are also many clubs, events, and programs with which you can become involved.

The French Club has events such as Crêpe day, as well as a room to relax and learn to speak French. There are many others that will to appeal to many. However, if you cannot find your right fit at the Student’s Association, feel free to start your own club. The information for this can also be found at the Students’ Association.

We all need to remember to enjoy college life! Fun can be found in most places here. An open mind, and a relaxed view can make even stressful, boring classes fun. Don’t forget to relax!

Photo is of Student Ambassador Joshua Mayer, taken by 2nd year Student Ambassador Corry Lemire.

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