Last Days at GPRC

For the last two years, I’ve spent more time at GPRC than the comfort of my own home. I come here before the sun comes up every exam day to stick with my study habits (and it worked) and leave after everyone has already left.

For every Sunday that I have spent in the empty study halls and hallways trying to make sense and catch up with the topics from my classes, GPRC has always been there to support my crazy study techniques.


As my last days at GPRC near, I start to reminisce about the experiences that made me who I am today as a student, and for every story I remember, this College always plays a big part. Every class I’ve been in and every person I’ve met, has and always will be a special part of my life. As I walk through these halls for the last time as a student, I begin to realize that being a GPRC student has become my norm. However it is time to move on and start living life outside my comfort zone. From the stressful days of midterms and finals to the joyful nights in dorms and Howlers, these are the moments that will forever be embedded in my memory. Life as a college student is rough but my friends, my instructors and the college itself has made it way easier. As future alumni of GPRC all I have to say is thank you.

Submitted by John Raymund, GPRC Student Ambassador.

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