GPRC Workout of the Week, February 12-16, 2018

Ready to be WOW’ed?

This weeks Workout Of the Week is sure to kick up your fitness routine. WOW’s are brought to you by the PEAK program’s Advanced Methodologies Class.

This week’s creator is a fitness enthusiast, Terrance Wold, a second year Personal Trainer Diploma student. The program he has created is tailored to advanced lifters. Terrence has built this week’s program around the three “big lifts: squat, bench and deadlift”.


“One thing I love about fitness is that if you are dedicated it becomes a lifestyle more then it is a sport. In fitness your whole day evolves around the sport, whether it is prepping food every night to help you hit your macronutrients or eating every 3 to 4 hours so you can keep your body well nourished, this all leads to the bigger picture of you hitting your goals.”




WOW posters can be found in two locations around our Grande Prairie campus!

  1.  Located at the bottom of the stairs into the weight room and
  2.  Located by the water fountain at the top of the stairs in the weight room.

If you’re interested in trying this WOW for yourself, be sure to head down to the Fitness Centre!

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