Fit Body=Fit Mind

Picture this…






You’re a GPRC student and you are:

  • self-confident
  • stress-free
  • mentally on your game
  • more energetic
  • doing great in college
  • enjoying a diverse social life
  • saving time and money

How is this possible?

It’s because you’ve signed up for this semester’s new Group Fitness Classes!

That’s right! You’re meeting people in these classes, building muscle and improving your cardio! You’re getting all ‘zen’ in yoga, melting away your stress, and relaxing! Research shows you will also be managing your studies better with your improved physical health!

But how does this save me time and money?

GPRC students receive a 75% discount upon registration!  That means a cost of just $3 for a single class!

Fitness sessions run all semester long, and the activities and locker rooms are right here on campus, so there is no travel time!

But will I like it?

With 17 different classes and other activities such as intramural sports to choose from, you can select your favorites.  You could be learning the Argentine Tango, spinning to the beat, engaging your core with Essentrics, or getting a restorative yoga massage! Choose times that suit your schedule! Take control of your college experience and get fit!

Where do I get more details?


Website: Campus Recreation –

Phone: 780-539-2816

Sign up at the Fitness Centre during regular business hours.

Classes start January 8th and run for 14 weeks until April 13th.  Register soon for best selection!

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