New Online Registration System Now Live for GPRC Apprentices

New Online Registration System Now Live for GPRC Apprentices

Photo Randy Vanderveen
Fairview, Alberta, Canada
Heavy Duty Mechanics Trades at the Fairview Campus of GPRC.

Apprentices at GPRC now have a new way to enrol in and manage their courses. Using MyTradesecrets, apprentices can now update their profiles, enrol for courses, view marks and pay fees all from a PC or smartphone.

After months of planning and collaborating with Apprenticeship and Industry Training to activate the online registration system, Ben Driedger, Associate Registrar at GPRC, said the system will make enrolling for apprenticeship programs a breeze.

“Apprentices are not so different from our traditional academic students,” said Driedger. “They are just as likely to be coming to us from a significant distance, or be working long hours that make registering in person a challenge. Registering online is one method of streamlining this process and making it more convenient for our apprentices.”

GPRC is committed to making the education process easier and more streamlined for all students.

Are you an apprentice at GPRC? Check out MTS to enrol, pay fees, check your marks, and more.

Get Fit with GPRC Campus Recreation – The 2018 winter fitness schedule is here!

Get Fit with GPRC Campus Recreation – The 2018 winter fitness schedule is here!

Did you know that students who are physically active have lower stress levels and perform better in school? Most students know the benefits of regular exercise, but it can be difficult to keep up a regiment while balancing the demands of school and other commitments. GPRC is making it easy to get active next semester with a range of fun and affordable group fitness classes, where GPRC students enjoy a 75% discount! From Yin Yoga to Spin Class to Chisel Strength and Social Dance classes, Campus Recreation has a class for you.

Kick off the new year right—join one of next semester’s Group Fitness Classes! Registration is now open and you can sign up for a class at the Fitness Centre during all regular business hours. The FC Desk and Weightroom will be open during the holidays in case you happen to be on campus and want to sign up.



Important Notes:

  • Classes start January 8 and run for 14 weeks until April 13
  • GPRC students receive a 75% discount upon registration


  • Increased overall strength and cardio
  • Improved self-confidence and mental health
  • Increased energy levels
  • Great way to interact with fellow students and staff

Spots are limited. Sign up now:

  • In person: Sport, Fitness & Wellness Desk which is located at the entrance to the gymnasium in M-Wing
  • By phone: 780-539-2007 or 780-539-2816


Follow GPRC Sport, Fitness and Wellness on Facebook for more information about upcoming classes and fitness opportunities  – @GPRCSFW

Visit us online for more info about these and other fitness options –


My 2017 President’s Ball Experience

My 2017 President’s Ball Experience

The past semester was a challenging one but also a rewarding one. One of the most rewarded experiences this semester for myself was my role on the 2017 President’s Ball planning committee.

GPRC student and staff volunteers helping set-up the event.

The President’s Ball is one of the most important fundraisers for supporting GPRC students. The help of many people such as alumni, staff and students is needed for the President’s Ball to be a success. My role in the President’s Ball planning committee was helping to recruit students as volunteers, which we started doing on the first day of classes in September. Students, staff and alumni willingly volunteered their time and efforts to make this President’s Ball successful once again this year.

Dinner time for the volunteers!

The theme for the 2017 President’s Ball was Winds of Change. I believe most students as they prepare for another semester at GPRC can agree, GPRC stimulates change from the first time they step into the institution. From my time at College, I have seen great changes and I have been changed most of all.

Funds from the President’s Ball are used for a number of things for students including supporting grants and scholarships.

To make this event possible approximately 80 volunteers are needed just for the night of the event, and this year in particular, our amazing Accounting students stepped in to help the other students who volunteered from many different GPRC programs. This year, we unfortunately did not get the 80 volunteers needed but what we got was roughly half that number of students, staff and alumni who worked harder than ever and impressed not only our very important guests but also the staff at Evergreen Park where the event is held.

The Evergreen Park staff worked with volunteers and the volunteers responded making the night one to go down in the books for character of our volunteers. The guests and supporters of GPRC loved seeing the students volunteering.

What I enjoyed most was seeing the smiles and fun that everyone was having while helping. The volunteers certainly made the night a success!

Submitted by GPRC Student and Education Ambassador, Heather Crichton.

GPRC student volunteers helping set-up the event.
Drive-Through Healthcare

Drive-Through Healthcare

I have always considered myself to be a very independent person. I keep to myself, I don’t talk a whole lot, and I rarely make use of any kind of student services. On an intellectual level I understand the value of these services, but beyond that I usually don’t give them a second thought. That changed on a fateful Thursday morning.

I have a passion for martial arts. Unfortunately, my skill does not match my passion. As a result, I ended up sustaining an injury to my ankle during training. This injury faded after a few days, but it continued to flair up occasionally and I began to grow concerned. I decided to see a doctor and find out what was wrong. I started calling around, trying to determine if I could get in to see a doctor in Grande Prairie or if I would have to see one back home. The answer was the same no matter where I called, I could be spending hours in a waiting room, or I couldn’t get in to see a doctor at all. I was really struggling to figure out what to do when I remembered that GPRC has an on-campus clinic. I gave them a call the next morning to see if I could drop in.

I was able to set a time to drop in between lunch and my afternoon class that day. I got in, filled out a little bit of paperwork, and was able to see the doctor within fifteen minutes. The doctor came in and we discussed the problem. He did a quick examination and told me that it was just a sprain, and that my ankle would heal fine on it’s own as long as I gave it time to rest.

In the end, I ended up not needing a whole lot from the doctor. That fact makes me appreciate even more how much time I saved being able to go to the on-campus clinic. I didn’t have to drive anywhere, and I didn’t have to deal with any ridiculous wait times. As a full-time student this was a tremendous blessing. Life can get very hectic at school, and every bit of time saved is a huge help. Having access to on-campus healthcare is absolutely fantastic.

Submitted by a GPRC Education Ambassador 

Leslie commits to the 2018-19 season with Women’s Basketball!

Leslie commits to the 2018-19 season with Women’s Basketball!

The GPRC Wolves are pleased to announce that Sophie Leslie who currently plays with the Charles Spencer Mavericks, has committed to the 2018-19 season. Women’s Basketball Head Coach Mandy Botham is excited to welcome Leslie to the pack commenting that she “plays with intense passion, and is a fierce competitor. She has the ability to hit key shots in big moments and will provide a definite spark to our team.”

New GPRC Wolves Women’s Basketball recruit, Sophie Leslie.

Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, Leslie is no stranger to the Wolves, participating in Sport Camps, and competing in various tournaments over the years. As the top offence recipient in her 2016-17 season, she was selected to play in the 2017 High School All-Star Game.

Welcome to the pack Sophie!

Leslie who was nominated Tournament MVP in the 2016 Stonebridge Senior High Basketball Classic, is looking forward to attending GPRC as she enjoys the environment the College offers students and athletes. She is most excited about taking her game to the next level, and competing with talented players around the province, some of whom she has admired throughout her high school playing career.

Welcome to the pack Sophie!

With the first half of the ACAC Season completed, the Wolves Women’s Basketball are preparing to host the Kings University Eagles on January 12, 2018. To learn more about the Wolves,  click here.