GPRC Work Out of the Week: November 27, 2017

Another week, another WOW!

This week’s Workout of the Week (WOW) is brought to you by Terrence Wold, a second year Personal Trainer Diploma student of the PEAK  Advanced Methodologies class.

Workout of the week posters can be found in two locations around our Grande Prairie campus!

  1.  Located at the bottom of the stairs into the weight room and
  2.  Located by the water fountain at the top of the stairs in the weight room.

Terrence, the student responsible for this week’s WOW, has created a program tailored for advanced lifters. Terrence emphasizes the importance of rest when training for strength and hypertrophy which is why his WOW consists of a 4-day upper, lower split.

This WOW, and others like it exist to make your gym experience more interesting, as well as provide you with guidance and exciting new fitness routines.

“I feel that there are so many life lessons that can be gained at the gym. One major life lesson the gym has taught me is that hard work pays off, this has helped me to achieve many things in and out of the gym such as a good work ethic and not allowing anything get in my way of achieving my personal goals.” – Terrence Wold


If you would like to learn more about this weeks WOW and its creator, be sure to head down to the GPRC Fitness Centre!

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