GPRC Work Out of the Week: November 20, 2017

Who’s ready for this week’s Workout of the Week (WOW)!?

WOW’s are weekly workouts brought you by the PEAK Advanced Methodologies class. These workouts provide knowledgeable recommendations and well rounded exercises for the fitness goer in everyone.

Workout of the week posters can be found in two locations around our Grande Prairie campus!

  1.  Located at the bottom of the stairs into the weight room and
  2.  Located by the water fountain at the top of the stairs in the weight room.

This week’s WOW is brought to you by Ryan and targeted at those individuals who are comfortable lifting their own body weight for higher reps. In this resistance training focused WOW, you will find four different days of workouts included!

Check your form and get exercise clarification by using the provided booklet found at the locations listed above.

To see this week’s workout head down to the GPRC Fitness Centre where you can learn about its creator and see the workout, useful tips, and guidance provided by him.

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