GPRC Fairview Convocation

GPRC Fairview Convocation

GPRC honoured the achievements of their latest graduates of the Fairview campus this weekend in a packed auditorium. The total graduating class is approximately 430 for the 2016-2017 Academic Year.

17265040_1459888840689075_4917964461549386051_nThis year’s Valedictorian was Motorcycle Mechanic Certificate graduate, Ines Gerber. Gerber who has completed her GPRC credentials with academic excellence was honoured to represent her fellow classmates.

College is so much more than gaining knowledge to ignite your career,” said Gerber. “It is also an opportunity for all of us to gain independence and explore new and exciting experiences. College has given us the freedom to realize our true callings in life and opening our eyes for whatever else may come, said Gerber.


Gerber represents students from an array of programming and apprenticeships available on GPRC Fairview’s campus.

In her inspiring speech, she left her fellow classmates with this before congratulating the Class of 2017.

I hope you all continue creating new goals and dreams for yourselves,” concluded Gerber. “Never give up on yourselves even when a weld is not perfect, an animal is not improving its health, an engine will not startAlways remember to tell yourself ‘it is just one day and tomorrow will be better’.”

Before graduating students, family members and honorary guests in attendance of convocation left the auditorium to enjoy some mingle time at the President’s Tea in GPRC Fairview’s atrium, GPRC President and CEO, Don Gnatiuk addressed the graduates.

“Our students continue to amaze us with their personal and academic accomplishments,” said Gnatiuk. We are exceptionally proud of each and every one of these graduates as they go off in pursuit of their life dreams. We thank them for choosing GPRC to begin their academic journeys with. We know each and every one of them are a vital part of a better future for all of us.” 

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GPRC honours World Plumbing Day

GPRC honours World Plumbing Day

GPRC is proud to honour World Plumbing Day on March 11, 2017. 



Our GPRC Fairview and Grande Prairie campuses are proud to provide learners with a wide range of trades, certificates and apprenticeships.

Learners looking to start, carry-on or finish their plumbing apprenticeship can do so at our GPRC Fairview campus. 

This year our college has received membership with the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating.

GPRC Fairview has been the location for training plumbers, gasfitters and steamfitter/pipefitters in the Peace Country since the first graduating plumber programs in 1983/84.



“This group [above] has been working for years already towards their professional certification as a Plumber and Gasfitter “B”. We have a diverse group representing different parts of the country. From Nova Scotia to Ontario to Alberta and British Columbia, our class has come together for a common goal of becoming plumbers,” says Brett Dillman, GPRC Plumbing Instructor.

Brett commented on the importance of celebrating World Plumbing Day. 

“We would like to showcase our trade because we are proud to be the protectors of safe drinking water and ensure that waste is removed in a sanitary way.”

Fun facts:

The plumbing trade has evolved a lot over the years. The title plumber originated from the “worker of Lead” Pb = Lead. Ironic that lead is now banned from most materials plumbers use.  Now, the trade is filled with a wide range of tasks including most recently solar thermal water heating, geothermal heating and cooling, rain water harvesting, and grey water recycling.

GPRC prepares their learners to enter the workforce by covering topics such as installing and servicing bidets, hydronic radiant heating, thermal and electrical controls, gas venting, air supply, vent stacks, and finally, yoke vents to name a few.

On March 11, help us celebrate World Plumbing Day by appreciating plumbing and plumbers in your own way and remember, plumbing is vital to our health.