Ambassador Cup Kick Off – Wednesday October 12, 2016

Welcome to Ambassador Cup!

Come join us at the KICK OFF Party on Wednesday, October 12 11:30 – 1:00 pm


So far we have our teams placings at:

Arctic Wolves are in the lead with 300 Points

Red Wolves 200 points

Grey Wolves 100 points

Timber Wolves 0 points

Want to get a head start this weekend by scoring some points?

Join the GPRC Ambassador Cup 2016-17

Facebook Group for 1000 yes, ONE THOUSAND POINTS for you team!

Post your photos on GPRC Ambassador Cup 2016-17 with #AMBCUP and#redwolves, #greywolves, #arcticwolves, OR #timberwolves

  • FOR 100 Points Attend a Broadway Live Broadway – Beauty and the Beast show Friday or Saturday Evening at Douglas J Cardinal Performing Arts Centre and Post a picture of your ticket and include #DJCTheatre
  • FOR 100 Points Let’s see your Holiday feast! post a picture with #gprcthanksgiving and let us know what you are thankful for!

(Remember we won’t be able to track any hashtag points if posted on private Instagram accounts or private posts to your own Facebook)

Points will be awarded all year for Academics, Volunteerism, Event Participation, Social Media Presence, and Intramurals. As well as many other challenges along the way.

Have a look on our red Education Ambassador bulletin board or our Moodle Page, under GPRC Student Links, for how you can get started earning points for your team!

Want to sign up? Register here 

Have any questions? Have an event you would like to see?  Contact us about Ambassador Cup at – submitted by Danielle Ribar  – Education Ambassador


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