Meet your new GPRC Student Success Officers

Meet your new GPRC Student Success Officers

Hey GPRC, meet your 3 new Student Success Officers covering the GPRC Grande Prairie and Fairview campuses.

So, who are they?

Meet Emily Emond


My name is Emily Emond, Student Success Officer for the Faculty of Arts, Science and Upgrading at GPRC. I was born and raised in Grande Prairie and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Education through the University of Alberta’s Teacher Education North (TEN) collaborative degree program. I also have an interest in French, and attended Explore, a five-week intensive language-immersion program, at the Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia. I earned a French as a Second Language Education (FSLE) Certificate of Achievement from Grande Prairie Regional College.

Additionally, I have a passion for photography and received a diploma in Applied Photography from Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Ontario.

Moreover, I have had the privilege to travel to many countries around the world and tour from coast-to-coast in Canada. I am always eager to see new places, experience new cultures and expand my worldview. I enjoy being outdoors and jump at any opportunity to explore the mountains. I spend most of my free time hiking, camping and snowboarding. My passion for adventure is surpassed only by my love of spending quality time with family and friends.


Meet Alaina Archibald

My name is Alaina Archibald, and I am the new Student Success Officer on our Fairview Campus!  I moved to Alberta from Terrace, B.C. in August of 2010 to be closer to my boyfriend, who was born and raised in Fairview.  I participated in Business Administration courses at GPRC, but quickly succumbed to the pressures of being in a new city with no friends, and even though my boyfriend and I were significantly closer together, the distance still felt vast.  Luckily, my passion for horses never subsided through my move, and it acted as a fantastic crutch to support me through a troublesome area of my life.  Luckily, I managed to pick myself up and I’m now happily married – and still riding horses!

I began riding horses at the age of 9, and it didn’t take long before I was completely obsessed.  Until the age of 17, I was heavily involved in our local drag racing community, but at this point I am no longer involved to the depth of previous years. During this period, I was also involved in soccer, and participated in both house and rep leagues for a number of years.

Eventually, I decided to sink all my time into horses and for the majority of my life, I was raised by a single mom who worked tirelessly to support my desire to ride along with my older brother’s love for hockey.  I was truly blessed to be granted the opportunities I did that surrounded horses, and my love and devotion has never wavered.  Currently, I continue to actively ride and train my own horses, have a private list of dedicated students, and I am the Founder and President of the Fairview Sport Horse Society.  With the help of my board members, we run 2 All-English Horse Shows per year, and a variety of Dressage and Jumping clinics at the lovely Hawker Pavilion right here on our GPRC Fairview Campus!  I am also involved in the horse racing community and spend nearly every free summer weekend at Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie as a result.

When my husband and I aren’t busy with our horses, we often enjoy travelling, exploring with our husky (because seriously, exercising him is a never ending chore), and participating in various outdoor activities – we never miss an opportunity to go hunting, fishing or camping with friends and family as a result.  While I feel incredibly content in the northern prairies, the mountains will always be my home and I am truly at ease in the outdoors.


Meet Jared Cheverie

Hello. My name is Jared Cheverie and I am the new Student Success Officer for the GPRC Physical Education and Kinesiology Department, or more often referred to as PEAK. Born and raised is Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, I moved to Grande Prairie less than a year ago to accept the position  of Head Coach of the Wolves Women’s Basketball Program.

I am a graduate of St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where I studied Criminology and Sociology with a minor in Ancient History. While attending STU, I was a member of the men’s soccer team where I was the goalkeeper for all of my four years, reaching the CCAA National Championships in my senior year.

After completing my BA, I attended the University of Maine, Fort Kent, where I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Education, majoring in Secondary Social Studies. Teaching introduced me to my professional passions of coaching and mentoring youth.

Prior to making the move from the East Coast to Grande Prairie, driving cross country all 5627 km in just 5 days, I had spent the previous 5 years as the head of an Alternative Education Program for at risk youth. It was during this experience that I learned how to differentiate between the perceived social and educational needs of the group and instead focus on the individual needs of the student. Some of my greatest personal successes were during this time when I felt a part of the social and educational victories, no matter how small, of youth who were all but written off.

Teaching also allowed me to pursue a personal  goal of coaching at the College and University level, which has lead me to GP, where I have been able to work with some fantastic student athletes from a variety of backgrounds opening up this next opportunity of working with and supporting the PEAK students of Grande Prairie Regional College.

I look forward to this next step in my professional career, supporting students at GPRC in any way that I can, as a Student Success Officer for PEAK.

So, what will they do?

As Student Success Officers, we will act as a contact point for students to offer assistance in accessing various resources within the college and in the surrounding communities. We want students to gain the supports they need, both academically and personally, to ensure that they are successful in achieving their post-secondary goals. We will regularly check-in with students and provide information to help them to continue moving forward.”

Pretty cool, right?

Emily, Alaina and Jared’s services are divided between students based on their academic paths. This will allows each of them to obtain a better understanding of each individual program, and thus have the ability to better assist the student as individuals.  Emily will work with students within Arts, Science & Academic Upgrading programs, Jared will work with Physical Education and Kinesiology students, and Alaina will work with Trades, Agriculture & Environment students.

Alaina is located on the Fairview Campus, but is readily available to students located on any of GPRC’s campuses or learning centres within her umbrella of programs, while both Emily and Jared can be found on our Grande Prairie campus and are also available to a wide variety of students from all of GPRC’s campuses!

So, what are they most looking forward to?

We are looking forward to helping the post-secondary students in our community achieve their academic goals. It is so exciting and inspiring to see others overcome various obstacles and hardships in order to earn amazing achievements! Together, we look forward to providing the support required that current and future students require, and assisting them in finding the path to a successful career!  It is a privilege to get to celebrate and play a small role in the incredible accomplishments of our GPRC students.

How to contact them 

Image result

GPRC Student Success Officers are available to students from Monday-Friday and we can be reached via email, phone or in person.

Emily Emond

Student Success Officer

School of Arts, Science & Upgrading

Office: C310, Grande Prairie Campus


Phone: (780) 539-2942

Jared Cheverie

Student Success Officer

Physical Education and Kinesiology

Office: K222, Grande Prairie Campus


Phone: (780) 539-2019

Alaina Archibald

Student Success Officer

School of Trades, Agriculture & Environment

Office: FAC131, Fairview Campus


Phone: (780) 835-6763

We can’t wait to meet you!

Canada 150 Offers New Opportunity for Students

Canada 150 Offers New Opportunity for Students

Hey GPRC, let’s start looking forward to the future.

Have you heard the awesome news? 

The newest aspect of CICan’s Canada 150 project has been announced! 

Do you have a cool idea to improve life on GPRC Grande Prairie or Fairview campuses?

What about an entrepreneurial idea to give back to your community?

Fundmy15o will allow students to raise modest resources needed to grow their projects and get new ideas off the ground.


We are so excited for the next stage of Canada’s 150 celebrations – don’t miss out on your chance to get involved!

GPRC Howlers Cup Dodgeball Tournament

GPRC Howlers Cup Dodgeball Tournament

GPRC students celebrated the end of the academic year using the 5 D’s of Dodgeball – Dodge-Dip-Duck-Dive-Dodge.

GPRC’s Howler’s Cup happened on April 12 as part of the college’s meltdown festivities to celebrate the end of the academic year, and summer being around the corner. 

The original Howler’s Cup was organized by a past Students’ Association president and was actually a floor hockey tournament.

Our GPRC Student Wellness department wanted to bring it back, and give the students a way to let lose before finals.

And so a Dodgeball Tournament was born.

13 teams of GPRC students came out with most teams wearing matching themed team uniforms competing for some awesome prizes.


The Prizes

  • First Place
  • Best Team Uniform
  • Best Team Name

And the winners were:

1st Place Champions – ‘Swole Patrol’
2nd Place – ‘Blue Balls’
3rd Place – ‘Commerce Crusaders’

Best Team Name – Commerce Crusaders;

Best Dressed Team – Mama Mia

Best Dressed Team – ‘Mama Mia’

GPRC Student Wellness and GPRCSA would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in this fun afternoon.

“There was a tremendously positive energy right from the very beginning of the tournament,” said Joel Thibault, GPRC Student Wellness Coordinator. “There were some great costumes and so much attention to detail. This was clearly a tournament students were thinking about and looking forward to since we began marketing it!”


Even GPRC’s Farley got in on the action!

GPRC students didn’t hold back and busted out their ninja-like and acrobatic moves to dodge flying Dodgeballs.  The afternoon included many underdog victories that really got teams and the crowd roaring!

Majority of the afternoon saw students coming to watch the event, grab a bit to eat and drink provided by the SA, and cheer on their friends and fellow students. The place was packed from 1-3 p.m. with many instructors and users of GPRC’s Fitness Centre coming to check out the action as well.

Check out more photos of the GPRC Dodgeball Tournament on our Facebook page.

Thank you so everyone who made this event a total success! 

Your GPRC SA members joined in on the fun forming the Guardians of Meltdown team!


Neos the GPRC Fairview Library Cat

Neos the GPRC Fairview Library Cat

Yesterday, was National Pet Day, so naturally we honoured Neos. The adorable orange ball of fur that hangs out at our GPRC Fairview Library. 


National Pet Day is a chance for those of us who own pets to show them how much we love them. So here’s some love to our beloved kitty, Neos. 

16904812_1508134239231132_6246863809808886225_o        12496360_1152479094796650_7592823737529781975_o 13007111_1195833903794502_812389907269270936_n     13782071_1275420139169211_5486672740246029785_n    12974340_1190402197671006_5573585889226558839_n

Neos has been in the library for 14 years and is named after the library computer system. He was abandoned and found on our GPRC Fairview campus before being brought in to our Animal Health Department to get cleaned up. His personality led quickly to the decision that he should become a permanent resident at the library.


Neos loves hanging out with the students, many of whom are missing pets at home. Neos gets the most visits around exam time, as he’s the perfect companion for some stress relief.


Stop by our GPRC Fairview Library and say hi to our favourite kitty. You can also follow his Facebook page! 


GPRC Looks Forward to the Future

GPRC Looks Forward to the Future

Yesterday, GPRC released the official launch for their 50th Anniversary event – Celebrating Dreams! Get your tickets to this event now! 


GPRC is excited to invite the community to celebrate 50 years of meeting the vital need of post-secondary education opportunities in northwestern Alberta.

Join us on the evening of May 27 at GPRC’s Grande Prairie Campus for a night of Celebrating Dreams. Special guests, Spoken Word Artist Shane Koyczan and Dream, Girl Komal Minhas will enchant us as we reflect on how far the college has come, and unite in the power of having a dream of what our college’s future can hold. Guests will also enjoy an art exhibit from Canadian Artist, Alex Janvier.
GPRC is also excited to offer guests the opportunity to reflect on the College’s history with a display of letters, photos and other memorabilia from our 25th Anniversary time capsule.

Carol-Lee Eckhardt, who was the GPRC Foundation Officer during the College’s 25th Anniversary, volunteered to put this treasured piece of GPRC’s history together. It includes a letter Eckhardt wrote to her daughter Emma, 25 years ago and even more interesting a letter 6 year-old Emma wrote to herself.

GPRC will to seal another time capsule and Echkardt is planning to send a new letter to the future. Guests will be able to submit a written note and take a photo at the event photo booth to add to the treasures of our 50th year and be sealed away until GPRC’s 75th Anniversary in 2042.

Learn more by reading our full news release.

Learn more about Carol-Lee Eckhardt’s story here.