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APRIL 2017
Expansion construction
Memorandum of Understanding with New Zealand's
Ministry of Primary Industries is signed
APRIL 2018
TAC status renewed for another
five years
National Honey Bee Health Survey I
Leafcutter Bees in the Peace Country
(In collaboration with Alberta Agriculture and
Forestry; Alberta Rural Development Fund)
Bayer Crop Science
Africanized Genetics and Hybridizations
Diagnosis of Nosema ceranae and Deformed Wing
Virus in overwintering honey bee colonies
Queen Health Evaluation of Imported and Local Stock
Identification of Honey Bee Viruses in the
Peace Country
Health of Bee Pollinators in Canadian Agriculture (in
collaboration with AAFC)
BeeOMICS Project (in collaboration with UBC and
York University)
A Study of Foulbrood in Canadian Apiaries (with
support from the Government of Alberta)
Stock Evaluation Alberta Agriculture and Forestry;
Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund
A sample gets
prepared for analysis
NBDC staff (left to right): Acting Manager Patricia Wolf Veiga, Lab Technician
Jamie Lee Ushko and UBC intern Candice Coombs
Samples are removed from
temporary freezer storage
NBDC provides several diagnostic services, including the
quantification of pathogens using molecular techniques