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"I would recommend this summer position to anyone. Before
working at GPRC NBDC I hadn't completely narrowed down my
career path, but after my experience I know that I want to continue
down a more research-oriented path."
Alecia Sandboe, Summer Student (2016)
"I've learned so many things from my time at NBDC. Now, it will help
open the door for other opportunities."
Candice Coombs, NBDC Intern (20172018)
Candice Coombs didn't know what to expect when she
began her year-long internship with NBDC in April, 2017.
She grew up in Annapolis Valley, an agricultural hub in
Nova Scotia, where she developed the love for bees and
apiculture that she has today. "I really like the eusociality
of bees," she said. "I think they're a good mirror to
our society."
During her year-long internship, which was funded in
part by the Career Focus program, Candice worked
on the BeeOMICS project, an initiative designed by Dr.
Amro Zayed of York University and Dr. Leonard Foster
of the University of British Columbia. The ultimate goal
of the project is to identify several different proteomic
and genomic markers that beekeepers can use to breed
a more productive queen. Candice also attended events
like the Beekeepers' Field Day where many beekeepers
and apiculturists gathered and she was able to hear
from experts in the field. She enjoys suiting up in her
bee suit and venturing into the field to collect samples.
The value of an internship cannot be underestimated,
according to Candice. "It's very hard to get a foot in the
door when you have little experience," she said. "I've
learned so many things from my time at NBDC. Now, I'll
be able to put this experience on my resume and it will
help open the door for other opportunities."
As a college research and service facility, we are
passionate about education. Since opening our doors,
we have welcomed 18 summer students and visiting
scholars, all of whom have benefited from this unique
educational experience and many of whom have gone
on to attain higher education and careers in biological
sciences, molecular diagnostics, and similar fields.
We have welcomed students and scholars from across
Canada and beyond; from British Columbia and Nova
Scotia to Mexico and Peru. We will always value the
energy and fresh perspectives our students bring to our
work, and we strive to offer the highest quality learning
and working opportunities for the next generation of
molecular biologists, lab technicians, and apicultural
professionals. As GPRC transitions to university status
in the coming years and the demand for student working
and learning opportunities increases, we will continue to
embrace our educational mandate.
Candice Coombs,
Research Assistant at NBDC
Sukhmani Sandhu
Intern, 2017
Alyssa Jurasek
Intern, 2015