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Providing essential bee diagnostic services to commercial and hobbyist beekeepers across Canada.
Leading and collaborating on applied research initiatives aimed at supplying beekeepers, the scientific
community and the public with information about bee health.
Developing and improving upon best diagnostic practices and protocols.
GPRC NBDC is a leader in bee health innovation, serving and enriching its communities.
GPRC NBDC provides applied research and diagnostic
services to the Canadian beekeeping industry. We
help to promote and maintain healthy, sustainable and
profitable apiculture in Canada. By offering our services
to commercial and hobbyist beekeepers, we can
diagnose issues with hive health, identify nationwide
trends, and contribute to an environment where
Canadian apiculture thrives.
As a specialized diagnostic laboratory of Grande
Prairie Regional College (GPRC), we are an educational
resource as well as a service centre. We work to offer
opportunities to local, national and international students
for research experience, internships, visiting scholarships
and summer jobs. Our research is strengthened through
access to GPRC staff, faculty, students and resources,
contributing to the excellence of academic research and
post-secondary education in the Peace Region.
Our applied research gives insight into bee health
issues that are important to everyone in the beekeeping
community. We have worked on several independent
and collaborative applied research projects, which have
supported Canadian apiculturists' needs for up-to-date
information on bee health.
Nosema spore count
Nosema species identification
Varroa count
Tracheal mite detection
European Foulbrood diagnosis
American Foulbrood diagnosis
and antibiotic resistance
Queen Health Assessment
(number and viability of sperm)
Identification and quantification
of 9 viruses:
Acute Bee Paralysis
Black Queen Cell
Chronic Bee Paralysis
Deformed Wing
Israeli Acute Bee Paralysis
Kashmir Bee
Lake Sinai
Varroa Destructor
Chalkbrood diagnosis
Chemical Residue Analysis
(through our partnership with
the Government of Alberta -
Agriculture and Forestry
Agri-Food Laboratories)