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It's been a busy first few years, but NBDC is already
looking toward the future. As our new laboratory opens
its doors, we find ourselves embarking on the next
chapter of our history.
With the renewal of our TAC funding comes a
reaffirmation of how necessary our services are to
communities across Canada. In the coming five
years we will continue to develop our diagnostic and
research capacity and our ability to assist with the
commercialization of innovative bee technologies.
While we continue to serve the beekeeping world, we
also seek to expand our partnerships and promote
national and international cooperation on bee science
and pollinator health. That's because we know that the
health of crop pollinators is not just a matter of interest
to our community, but has significance economically and
environmentally in Canada and around the world.
Finally, as GPRC takes its first steps toward becoming
a degree-granting institution, we are also taking our
first steps toward becoming a university research and
diagnostic facility. GPRC's upcoming transition to a
university presents exciting new opportunities to grow.
We will keep you informed of exactly what all these
changes will entail for our facility and for you, our clients,
friends, and supporters.